Some Blockchain Trends That Are Gearing Up For a Better Future- Wesley Weber

Coming out from the nascent stage of creating its foothold, Blockchain according to Wesley Weber has currently entered the realm of setting the best trends in the years to come and these trends are primarily ruling the show in the world of Blockchain, thereby making, certain tech trends to go mainstream. Additionally, the Blockchain market is seeing phenomenal growth and expansion that has made it one of the most favourable technology options.

Talking About Blockchain As A Service

According to Wesley Weber Blockchain Guru, Blockchain will allow the customers to benefit from the cloud solutions in order to build, host and use their contracts including blockchain applications and several other functions related to blockchain. Well, many big brands are already offering Blockchain as Service to a good extent. Their primary purpose is to establish their platforms as a medium for other enterprises to be a part of the technology while not having to take the risk of high investment for in-house blockchain development.

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Asset Tokenization

This process makes use of digital tokens and works with the purpose of exploring and expediting buying and selling of security thereby becoming one of the biggest uses of blockchain technology. Benefits of tokenization are: greater liquidity, faster transaction, better accessibility and these have come to attract a greater number of players towards asset tokenization.

Blockchain and IoT

The passing of data with optimum security lies at the very core of Blockchain technology that fits almost naturally with the mechanism of Internet of Things that primarily drives on connecting devices and transferring details from one platform to another. As per Wesley Weber Blockchain Expert, this is going to be a $3012 million market by 2024.

Blockchain And AI

There is a range of benefits that the combination of AI and Blockchain can bring in. Both technologies can learn from each other easily. Here are the things that Blockchain will be taking from AI:

  • Consumption of energy
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Efficiency
  • Privacy

How Blockchain will prove to be a great help for AI?

  • Increase in effectiveness
  • Reduction in high-end risk scenarios
  • Increased trust in the interaction between machines

Federated Blockchain Trend

Following in the footsteps of Private Blockchain, Federated Blockchain is deemed to make its entry. This will be a more customizable option as there will not be just one organization but multiple authorities controlling the blockchain.

According to Wesley Weber, Scalability is one of the prime benefits that Blockchain offers and this is the reason behind its mass adoption. And, true scalability can only be achieved when there is seamless blockchain network interaction. This is where the concept of Blockchain interoperability comes to the surface.

So, it’s the decentralized nature of Blockchain that makes it all the more secure. In fact, its secured and encrypted format has made it the very foundation for Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency worldwide.

The probable applications for Blockchain are unlimited. At present, almost 69% of banks are consistently experimenting with Blockchain technology so that their services become all the more seamless, secure and transparent. Going by opinions of Wesley Weber Blockchain Expert, by 2030 majority governments worldwide will adopt cryptocurrency in some form or the other, which is supposed to be an area of experimenting mostly led by developing countries with unstable and weak economies.

Wesley Weber Blockchain Guru further predicts that there will be a greater number of successful cases in the long run and the next-generation Blockchain technology will supposedly help to solve a lot of different limitations prevailing currently.

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