SportsEdTV Launches Interview Series With Top Athletes and Coaches

SportsEdTV launched an interview series as part of its online sports education platform featuring world-class athletes and coaches today. The first segments feature SportsEdTV Director of Basketball, Mark Strickland, interviewing five-time NBA All-Star, Tim Hardaway, and former Miami Heat teammate, Ed Pinckney. In tennis, John Eagleton, SportsEdTV’s Director of Tennis, interviews eighteen-time Grand Slam winner, Fred Stolle. Harvey Newton, SportsEdTV’s Director of Weightlifting, interviews several coaches, including Mike Gattone, Senior Director of Sports Performance and Coaching Education, USA Weightlifting.

SportsEdTV‘s mission is to educate people who want to improve in sports,” said SportsEdTV Chairman, Robert Mazzucchelli. He added, “These interviews give our viewers a unique look into the sports they love. The coaches and athletes we talk to provide insights available only to people who have played or coached at the highest level of their sport. Now our viewers can learn from their experience. The personal stories are fun and inspiring, and these videos will help any athletes or coach looking to improve. We expect this to be a popular feature on our platform”.

“I love connecting with my former teammates and up-and-coming players to give viewers a look inside the mind of a professional,” said Mark Strickland, Director of Basketball for SportsEdTV and 10-year NBA veteran. He added, “Tim and Ed really opened up and told it the way it is if you want to excel at basketball. I want the kids watching SportsEdTV to view these interviews and learn from these great players.”

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“Even in the modern game, players and coaches can learn from the greats like Fred Stolle,” said John Eagleton, Director of Tennis for SportsEdTV. “The game is not just about technique, and someone who has won grand slam events can provide some valuable perspective on what it takes to become a great tennis champion beyond a great forehand or backhand. These interviews are good for kids aspiring to be great, or recreational players who just want a tip or two or just enjoy hearing from the pros,” he added.

Expect a full slate of new interviews each month covering all sports.

About SportsEdTV: provides free, world-class, online video instruction in over thirty sports. Our expert coaches teach technique, strategy, tactics, strength and conditioning, nutrition, mental toughness, and the unique lifestyle complexities of being an athlete to competitors and sport participants at all levels, from beginner through professional. Everyone can improve by watching our videos. Our “tips of the day” and video analysis of great champions are insightful, and viewers can enjoy our fun “play of the day” features and global news updates on their favorite sports, teams, and events. It’s great for athletes, coaches, and parents looking for an edge.

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