SpotnEats Goes Big! Supports Multiple Verticles and Industries with their Mobile App Solution

SpotnEats is a clone of the famous UberEats app. Contrary to popular opinion, SpotnEats online food delivery app was built from scratch using the bottom up approach. This app solution is mainly targeted at entrepreneurs and restauranteurs who wants to make a big stride in their business or in the on-demand market at affordable cost and short time frame.

The online food ordering and delivery app which comprises of four interfaces has a unique place in the illustrious portfolio of Uplogic Technologies. Uplogic Technologies is one of the few app companies dedicated to on-demand app building.

It has been two years since SpotnEats is released and till now the solution is consistently upgraded and tech advances are incorporated then and there. But, for the year 2020 they have decided to make a major uplift to SpotnEats. Overall on-demand food app industry itself is undergoing a major shift because of increased adoption by younger gen, and to be in 2020 race, many changes were made into SpotnEats app.

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Already SpotnEats acts as a benchmark for the admin web panel, restaurant app, and customer app. Now, more sophisticated tools were embedded into the 2020 version of SpotnEats. So businesses and restaurants from multiple verticals have a better chance to take down peers using SpotnEats.

“When we started to build the SpotnEats food app two years ago, everyone was satisfied with a basic solution like UberEats but still over time we made several upgrades. Like how on-demand app startups continue to innovate to stay relevant, we are also applying that to our product. Best features and options from other food apps like Foodpanda, Swiggy, Doordash and Postmates will now find a place in SpotnEats. In other words, SpotnEats comes with more technical package.” – CEO, Uplogic Technologies.

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Why Exactly is Upgraded/Added in the Latest SpotnEats?

Custom Payment Integration

If the restaurant or the vendor wants to integrate any payment system, SpotnEats development team does it seamlessly. This applies to any system in any region of operation.

Cross Platform Support

You want to access the restaurant app from a specific interface? No worries, as the team is capable of providing cross-platform and multiple device support. Third party API integration is also not an issue.


Gravitating UI/UX design that hooks the users and are in line with the current trend in the app industry. Look and feel of apps are the first thing any user will recognize.

These new take away from SpotnEats is just the tip of the iceberg. Applications of artificial intelligence and blockchain are also in the line up. For example, delivery partner assigning is made efficient using AI.

To know more about SpotnEats, please refer to SpotnEats blogs. Please feel free to contact them and clear your doubts by contacting them at hello.

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