SpotnRides – Premium Uber Clone Solution in the Worldwide Taxi Market in 2018

Wondering where to find the best uber clone app solution for your on-demand business?

With its extensive success, Uber and other successful cab industry legends have already built up an inspiration for new generation startups willing to step into the competitive entrepreneurial world to start a taxicab business. Uber clone app scripts are proving to be a great way of accomplishing dreams of many individuals startups and businesses to build a taxi app booking solution and launch their business in quick intervals like Ola and Uber.

Here is the research conducted by MarketWatch, Right now, they estimate the global taxi market is worth $108 billion, which is triple the size of the $36-billion ride-hailing market. At the same time, they calculate an average of 15 million ride-hailing trips a day globally, which they expect to increase to 97 million by 2030. That would translate to $65 billion in revenue for the ride-hailing companies by 2030, based on the assumption that the companies would take a 23% commission from gross market sales.

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Taxi business market is booming and has gained prominence over the last 2–3 years. In recent years, rising consumer spending and increased corporate profit have sparked demand for taxis and other rental businesses. However, the landscape of the cab booking industry changes every few years and what was popular yesterday may not be very well-received today. To succeed, businesses must keep step with new developments in the industry and build mobile app solutions that are on-trend for maximum success,” says CEO of SpotnRides.

Since there are so many ready-made Uber clone apps available in the market, we did an extensive research to find the best providers to choose for your new business ventures. Here are some of the top-selling Uber clone scripts and taxi booking dispatching software in the market.

About SpotnRides

SpotnRides is an ultimate Uber clone app you can start using to run your cab rental business within a matter of a few days. Many more features than the original Uber app. Just customize according to your business and it will be ready for your users to download and start using to book your cabs. SpotnRides is available in both Android and iOS.

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