Startups join forces to help small businesses and employees save on health insurance

Take Command Health and KindHealth, two Texas-based health technology startups, are excited to announce a partnership to better serve individuals and small businesses—two groups that often go overlooked when it comes to the tax breaks, cash benefits, and buying power that large companies enjoy.

While the two startups operate in the same circles for individual health applications, they’ve agreed for KindHealth to promote QSEHRA to their clients and for Take Command Health to complete enrollments through KindHealth in the 40 states where they don’t offer individual health coverage.

“Helping small businesses save time and money with this tax-advantaged tool, and helping their employees make the best possible choices for their families, is at the heart of what we do,” shares Jack Hooper, CEO, Take Command Health. “We’re excited to partner with a fellow startup that shares a similar mission as we do to expand the QSEHRA footprint.”

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Take Command Health, the leading technology platform for QSEHRA, will help employers set up tax-free health insurance reimbursement arrangements for no setup costs. KindHealth, a leader in plan choice software, will help employees search for their doctors and evaluate which plan will help employees spend their health stipends most effectively.

“We built a marketplace for individuals’ health insurance needs so they don’t have to fend for themselves,” shares Andrew Tomasik, COO, KindHealth. “On our platform individuals can get an anonymous quote, enroll in a plan and even get help with their medical bills. We’re here to help individuals seamlessly manage their healthcare. We’re looking forward to partnering with Take Command Health since they’ve helped to solve the equally difficult task of employer reimbursement for employee health insurance.”

QSEHRAs, or small business HRAs, offer an efficient, flexible, and affordable alternative to traditional group plans that often don’t make financial sense for small businesses with less than 50 employees. They allow small businesses to reimburse tax-free for premiums and medical expenses, saving them time, money, and hassle. And they’re good for employees too. Employees who participate get to choose a plan based on their own needs—preferred doctors, conditions, or prescriptions—instead of being rolled into the same plan as the rest of their coworkers.

About KindHealth

KindHealth provides free health insurance recommendations based on an individuals’ needs and will help them enroll in their chosen plan. Individuals can compare plans that fit their budget, including those that are subsidy eligible. Members of KindHealth can also submit their medical bills and their personal Billing Advocate will check for errors, potentially saving them thousands of dollars in overcharges.

About Take Command Health

Take Command Health launched three years ago with the goal of bringing awareness, advocacy, and transparency to the confusing world of health insurance for small businesses and individuals. Take Command Health is at the forefront of this issue, a recognized leader in QSEHRA administration, with customers in every state. It operates in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Texas, Tennessee, and Wisconsin for individual insurance and offers small business HRA administration nationwide.

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