Officially Launches EDU ESPORTS Team is an all-encompassing eSports team, whose activities cross the world of professional and amateur gaming plus academia, actively encouraging players to rise from grassroots. This enables to have a first team, plus U21 (colleges) and U16 (schools) teams, thanks to partnering with educational establishments and other organizations. and its partners are actively involved with colleges, schools, youth and children’s services. They have successfully taken students and young adults from a variety of different backgrounds and have used eSports to lighting up the imagination of young people to science and media.

Team boss, Umesh Perera, said “many people misunderstand eSports and therefore cannot equate its benefits. With our partners, we use eSports as a gateway for opening careers in technology, coding, graphics and media for young adults and students, investing in the local and the wider community. The eSports sector alone is one of the fastest growing industries and 2018 will see a minimum of 38% growth, it no longer can be ignored. It allows companies, academic institutions and sports clubs to engage with a younger age group from all corners of the world, all year round”.

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They will play exhibition games in August 2018 and then move in to an aggressive match diary in September; competing both, on and off line, in tournaments in UK and abroad. In October 2018, they will be at Big Fest 2018, supporting Scottish eSports; then tour Asia, competing in local tournaments, culminating in a champion’s tournament in Thailand.

Gamers Paradise, Thailand, also said “We are looking forward to having the Stones at the Scrim Invitational, held at our hotel. There will also be introductions to local teams and fans, as well as celebrities”

Recently Dmitry Mikhaylov, Stones, team manager, has been playing CSGO with UFC, Mark Hunt.

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