Swiftcloud E-Signature & Documents Cloud Adds Templates Library

SwiftCloud, a platform providing electronic signature as part of its documents cloud, has expanded it’s system to include a library of e-signature document templates.

The system provides instant deployment for some of the most commonly used small business documents and will include a variety of formats including device-responsive e-signature docs that automatically adjust to signature via phone, tablet, or desktop, as well as PDFs for format-specific docs such as W9s, W4s, and 1099s, with more formats to follow. Each asset can be cloned into a user account with a single click.

Some of the most popular documents included in the initial release include liability waivers, accident waivers, sales contracts, freelance or independent contractor agreements, tax forms for U.S. businesses, human resource forms such as employee termination letters or non-disclosure agreements.

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Use and implementation of the e-signature templates can be as easy as linking to them from a small businesses website, or setting a document as the homepage on a tablet for in-person visitors to service businesses. For sales contracts, a “workroom wizard” can help pre-load contacts and data fields before sending it off for signature, or generating an instant URL so sales teams can get instant commitment before hanging up the phone.

“Small businesses need help, and if we can save them some setup hassle while they migrate to paperless and more efficient systems, the transition is that much easier. The biggest value in e-signature is an increase in sales for most clients via instant binding agreement, and automating flows into marketing, but obviously going paperless helps the environment not to mention having fewer paper jams and printer ink hassles” explains Roger Vaughn, CEO of SwiftCloud.

A unique advantage electronic signature documents have over paper is the ability for automation and conditional logic to modify the form itself. This hides irrelevant questions, and can gather more information automatically when applicable. Questions and logic can be nested in layers, allowing users to easily create more interactive experiences such as sales quote generators.

Some of the major trends the company is focused on is automation. The new template systems can help business users deploy if-then logic in forms and electronic signatures, and a URL generator tool can help users pre-fill data such as pricing or terms to create a user-specific sales contract while still leveraging re-usable templates. The cloud based platform also contains a “workroom generator wizard” to help users assemble a team or group of multiple users, along with relevant assets such as e-signature docs, forms, and required deliverables with optional mail-merge style data for known info or contract terms.

About SwiftCloud:
SwiftCloud is a Software as a Service (“SAAS”) provider as well as a semi-custom and custom business software developer focused on automation and machine intelligence for small and medium businesses. The company works extensively with WordPress for public-facing client assets and has released over a dozen plugins. The company is privately held and based in Las Vegas, NV with a distributed staff in eight countries.

Website: https://swiftcloud.ai/

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