Tailor-Made Healthcare Provider Network Management Solutions Powered by OSP Labs

The modern healthcare is consumer-driven where care coordination through an uninterrupted flow of data is essential. A comprehensive network of health care providers is required to manage the perfect balance between health care and its expenses. OSP Labs built a cloud-based automated dental health billing system with secure provider network management for a USA-based Dental FQHC.

"Maintaining the provider network directories with up-to-date, detailed, and confirmed provider lists is a never-ending challenge for payer organizations of all sizes. A cloud-based dental health provider network is the need of the hour to help minimize claiming costs, reduce manual work, expedite the payments, and enhance operational efficiencies,"

OSP Labs has helped our USA-based client with a bespoke automated billing system hosted in an AWS cloud. Our highly customized medical billing solutions play a critical role in medical billing & coding, finance management, and reliable healthcare provider network management. With granular-level user roles and intelligent reimbursement control, our feature-packed platform provides 100% HIPAA-compliance.

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OSP Labs’ custom provider network management brilliantly aligned with our client’s reimbursement policies and contract terms. We managed to offer robust assistance in integrating the internal contracting systems, credentialing systems, healthcare claims management, and provider directories to provide a highly streamlined provider network management.

About OSP Labs:

OSP Labs is a dedicated healthcare solution company. We provide made-to-order software, applications and tools on a mission to redefine the entire continuum of healthcare. From process automation to AI care delivery, our solutions enable organizations to renew their business processes while gaining integration competency. We have helped many healthcare organizations with the automated medical billing system, claims management solutions, healthcare provider network management, healthcare payer solutions and more.

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