Tatum Announces Prevalent Blockchain Transition Feature

Tatum (“Tatum”), London, has announced prevalent feature organisations can benefit from when employing the Tatum Blockchain API Platform.

The platform was built in a manner, which enables the same benefits enjoyed in a Blockchain environment, to be enjoyed in a non-Blockchain environment. Essentially, anything that can be built in a Blockchain environment, can be built in a non-Blockchain environment, with transitioning between the two.

The API “connector” can be plugged into any external 3rd party environment, from a payments gateway to market feeds. Banks can now add new currencies in minutes, or add current accounts to their product range in hours, all at a low cost.

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The organisation can consider using the platform, with the following approaches:

  • Non-Blockchain, with a direct connection into any 3rd party environment.
  • Non- Blockchain to Blockchain, with a direct connection into any 3rd party environment, swapping to a Blockchain environment at a later date, by the flick of a switch.
  • Blockchain, with a direct connection into the Blockchain.

Will Banks, Tatum’s Chairman said “This has huge benefits in terms of significant cost reduction, together with rapid and simple solution integrations. It is also extremely secure and enables organisations to transition between the non-Blockchain environment to a Blockchain environment, as their own speed, together with the ability to parallel run their solution.”

Tatum Limited (https://tatum.io) is Blockchain as a service provider. Tatum Blockchain API platform provides developers instant access to all supported Blockchains, ledgers and digital assets in full compliance. Any organisation, without the need of Blockchain experts, can build Blockchain-based applications in less than 5 days instead of 18-24 months. Tatum’s platform has already attracted the interest of numerous financial institutions and other companies looking to leverage the Blockchain tech with extremely positive feedback. Tatum Limited, who is serving financial institutions and fintechs, is starting new verticals such as IoT and gaming in alignment with its global expansion.

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