The Pluto Protocol – Recent Announcement by UNICEF Australia

Following on from the recent announcement by UNICEF Australia, it’s interesting to see humanitarian causes looking at cryptocurrency as a tool to support new initiatives.

The Pluto Protocol ( is a distributed data exchange block chain with special purpose. The Pluto coin automatically donates 10% of it’s fees to the foundation when it’s transmitted. General users may vote on the use of funds collected depending on their acquired portion of Pluto coins.

The Pluto team participating in this United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights says – "The Pluto Protocol creates a unique ecosystem for examining and solving the problems facing the world so that users can easily, safely, and precisely contribute to human development. The Pluto is the first block chain to contribute to the charity. The Pluto knows how to support the people in need while complying with the United Nations and international organization’s own laws and regulations."

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Please visit – to know more about ‘The Pluto Protocol’.

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