The World’s First 68 GPU Cryptocurrency Miner

Over the past few years, cryptocurrency has been rapidly growing in popularity, it has hit the mainstream and has become a worldwide phenomenon with an ever larger number of people trading on. With each passing day, more and more people are looking to get into the cryptocurrency trades.

The Promax7.2 cryptocurrency miner has an inventive vision of a future with the reordered use of cryptocurrency therefore, creating a cryptocurrency miner which every client can mine with and make gains without dripping sweat. This has made the company to craft the first 68 GPU-integrated cryptocurrency miner.

The company is based in the UK specialized in cryptocurrency mining hardware, with its manufacturing unit at Shenzhen. They have the vision to ensure that the company is always one step ahead of the market so that to come up with solutions that will drastically improve the profitability of the cryptocurrency mining current model Promax 7.2. Mining had never been that easy as that works with Promax 7.2. GPU miner which is the first 68 GPU-integrated cryptocurrency miner in the recent time.

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In addition to that, it has been designed to mine multiple algorithms on a single device. The approach of this innovation is that it makes easier to solve complex equations in order to be rewarded with ethereum, zcash, monero and more.

Although Promax7 is still very new in the field of GPU-cryptocurrency mining, however, known for its effectiveness and a high possibility of bringing huge profit, the Cryptocurrency mining Hardware sensation Promax7 made a sale of up to $2-$3 million in the second batch. This has made possible the fact that the company uses high-end technology which helps to secure and generate profits.

In addition to the landmark achievement recorded in the sales of the Cryptocurrency, Hardware Promax7 have made $2-$3 million in the last few months from selling its flagship product Promax 7.2. For all who loves to be a part of this growing technology, the third batch of this innovative GPU-cryptocurrency mining machine will be dispatching from 3rd to 8th Sept 2018.

What’s more? The device is equipped with 68Nvidia P102mining-edition GPUs which results in 3710 Mh/s making it the first efficient device of 2018. Promax 7.2 GPU integrated cryptocurrency miner which also makes use of the smart inverter technology wherein the power consumptions are moderately used less. The power consumption often fluctuates between 4400-4500 watts which is pretty well goods for its users. The inbuilt firewall feature makes the miner extremely secured.

Promax7 has been in business for almost two years. The company started in 2016 and consist of the top-level specialist with many years of experience in handling the design and development of equipment, engineering and management. The expertise of its employees allows Promax 7 miners to develop all the key components of the hardware in-house. The production of manufacturing hybrid GPU also helps the company keep its prices on marginal while offering highest performance possible.

Specifically, the general volume of product sold is 21000 Unit in the last few days and the data is increasing every day. The third batch is open for all those who want to be a part of this new first 68 GPU-integrated miner.

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