Thepaymart Launched New BBPS Billing system and Money Transfer with non kyc Rs. 75000/- per month

Thepaymart Infotech Solution launched their first ever highest Domestic Money Transfer Limit per Month, thepaymart, in India back in April 2017, thus creating a space for themselves in this extremely competitive segment. However, over the years, its competitors, with their new-technology and Services, have inched ahead. But, Thepaymart Infotech Solution has responded rather quickly and instead of waiting for the standard one-year lifecycle to complete, the Indian company has unveiled the all-new Consumer Services at the website ( and TPM( thepaymart) Mobile Application.

Built on a new platform, the 2018 Thepaymart Infotech Solution Services has ditched its old Billing System (utility Bills , like Electricity, Water, Gas) and now turned to the BBPS for its best service and Experiance. The BBPS services and New Domestic Money Transfer is completely in line with the bigger Thepaymart Infotech Solutions, giving thepaymart a much needed aspirational angle. The prominent angular lines make it look bigger and should certainly suit the Indian consumer services.

On the inside,Thepaymart Infotech Solution again takes cues from the popular Services and gets a beige and black layout. Thepaymart is known for its 99.99% Sucess Rate and Its unbeatable Money transfer Charges to continue with the new platform as well. It will also make sure that the provide hassle free services and improved along with the New Technology. Support control will be a Excellent support through Mail /SmS.

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