Tier3D phone and watch have radical new design for Artificial Intelligence & Mixed Reality

Tier3D, a Silicon Valley company has created a radical new design for a phone, watch, and Mixed Reality glass to enable crowdsourced Artificial Intelligence & Mixed Reality.

Srini Srinivasan a founder of Tier3D (and veteran Silicon Valley executive & investor/advisor with companies like WebEx, Skype Qik, and Tibco), elaborated that “Traditional smartphone and watch designs have been successful in putting a computer in your hand but are not geared towards crowdsourced and continuous capture needed for AI & MR. We envisioned a new set of requirements for AI & MR and overhauled the current smartphone & smartwatch designs. Tier3DPhone, Tier3DWatch and Tier3DGlass have specialized sensors integrated with novel ergonomics, and backed by our Artificial Human Intelligence cloud, to do a detailed and rich, capture and rendering of your world.”

Shalender Singh, the CEO and a founder of Tier3D said that “Tier3D gadgets have a high-quality design along with highly specialized AI features for capture and interactivity. The embedded 3D light field sensors allow prediction of the ambient light field, enabling seamless blending of virtual objects into the real world. The Tier3DPhone can be docked over the watch with a rotatable sensor panel for hands-free usage, also allowing long duration usage in augmented reality mode. Tier3DWatch is specially designed for continuous capture, much needed for crowdsourced AI. Tier3DGlass is sleek and pocket carryable for a truly untethered Mixed Reality experience. On the software side, our auto-scaling AI cloud can ingest data streams from millions of devices to learn billions of models and relations. We are also creating user-facing applications, which work with you in interactive chat sessions to understand what you need. MindStudio is an AI composer app, MindNet is an AI-driven social web portal and MindComplete is an intuitive personal assistant. These apps let you create content and games, and share and monetize them, without any 3D modeling or programming.”

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Vishnupriya Singh, the COO and a founder of Tier3D affirmed that “We have ensured that Tier3D designs, although novel, is also very realizable. The software architecture has been componentized and the overall design tested for scalability. The hardware components are readily sourceable from our established supplier base that we have cultivated over the years. We are confident we can deliver what we promise.”

For more info visit us at https://ww.tier3d.com or email to [email protected]

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