Time to upgrade your HR software: Konnectco to offer a full version HR software for one year

Konnectco is rolling out a product that can save time and money to handle the day-to-day tasks of HR management. “This time we made sure that the product adds value by drastically reducing the administrative workload and, allow HR managers to focus on the crucial topics for the effective management of the consortium,” said Konnectco’s co-founder Kranthi Reddy.

Adding to it he said, "More specifically we are building an end-to-end HR Operating System that covers all processes in the employee life-cycle include Recruiting, Onboarding, Managing and Developing to provide a seamless transition and impactful insights that effectively improve organizational performance.”

Konnectco, in all likelihood, is going to be the best payroll software to manage all of the HR, recruitment and onboarding processes. Reddy further adds “the new feature updates of the product include a full applicant tracking system that supports and overs multi-posting to over Hundred plus job boards, a digital employee file that contains document and contract management, on/off-boarding, attendance tracking, absence management, salary management & payroll and performance management & feedback.”

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By convening the benefits of Konnectco, Reddy said: “with an aim to digitalize and make the HR platform integrate seamlessly, our core differentiator (customization) does the perfect job in tailoring the process and focuses mostly on data privacy to protect customer information without compromising its functionalities.”

“Our product is not focused on selling benefits and insurances instead, it proposes a SaaS –subscription model and offers a free trial for one year without asking any bank or card details. The product is going to take the company to the forefront of the HR technology” Kranthi said.

Konnectco had its first stint in the year 2016 with an employee base close to 50. The product achieved great response within a few months of its initial release. It has reached 25 customers in a short time span and aims to target over 400 customers by providing a single solution to manage all the employee-centric needs.

Website : https://www.konnectco.com

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