TimTech Consults Plans to take Application Security Management Services (ASMS) to the Global Market

Tim Tech Consults, a leading provider of managed hosting and multi-cloud hybrid IT solutions, announced its ambitious plans to take Application Security Management System (ASMS) to the global level. TimTech Consults is already known for its top-notch IT outsourcing services, having been named top 15 fast growing IT sourcing company in Africa, cited their need to compete not only locally but also at a global level.

An Application Security Management Services (ASMS) is simply the necessary processes, guidelines, methods, and tools which are necessary to maintain a certain level of security of the application portfolio and the associated IT systems during its lifecycle. Application Security Management System is sometimes a bridge that links an existing ISM and technical security standards and allows target-oriented security investments to acquire, develop and operate applications.

While announcing its plans to venture into the global market, TimTech Consults CEO and founder noted the following; “we are pleased to announce our plans to take Application Security Management System, part of our IT services we are offering, to the next level. Having already made a name in the region as the highly sort after IT outsourcing company, it is time now to stamp our name in the global market. At TimTech Consults we support businesses with the running of security measures, from the start of the software development to the acquisition process. We believe that these are the services that affect every company that seeks to boost the security of their systems.” Said Mk Timothy aka Musasizi Timothy Karubanga, founder of TimTech Consults.

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While TimTech Consults understands that addressing application security at an enterprise level goes beyond scanning vulnerabilities, they also acknowledge the fact that organizations have many applications that serve various purposes. TimTech Consults have always taken the responsibility to assess and address their security concerns. According to their CEO, the decision to venture wide was arrived at based on the need to help companies who are facing security challenges on a daily basis. To address this huge challenge, the security team at TimTech Consults normally takes a risk-based approach. This simply means intelligently prioritizing assets and focusing on identifying and mitigating areas of higher risk. TimTech Consults help companies with the decision of product choice. This greatly helps in system evaluation. This simply means security requirements are also playing an important role.

Here, Tim Tech Consults offers not only assistance with the definition of such security demands, but also provide advisory services to the provider wanting to sell their products to the company. In addition to that, within the premise of proof-of-concept methods, TimTech Consults applies security tests, to enable them to comprehensively present customers with advantages and disadvantages of the eligible security solutions.

In this age and era failing to protect web applications from malicious attacks can lead to severe damage to an organization’s reputation. TimTech Consults provides a mature and proven solution which helps organizations align their data protection and application security efforts to their business’s risk management strategies.

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