TourGame Targets $30 million in global revenues in the next 5 years

TourGame, one of the leading gaming and eSports platform provider, has grown its mobile esports substantially this year. TourGame provides a platform to integrate any mobile game on iOS and Android into a game you can play with friends or anyone for tournaments and prizes. And it enables esports tournaments for games that integrate the TourGame platform.

Mobile gaming is expected to continue dominating with the acquisition of more than 50% of the market share, along with the prediction that smartphone penetration will reach 235 million by 2021. As the increased data speed of 5G networks starts rolling out progressively, mobile gaming is set to soar high. The gaming and esports industry currently targets to hit $300 billion per year revenue by 2025 and shall continue thriving in double digits.

TourGame puts itself in the spotlight of the gaming and esports segment by focusing on providing seamless integration for developers and advanced data analytics for esports games. The platform applies new ways of analyzing the massive amounts of public and esports game data with which to analyze for game insight. Base on the global data and projection, TourGame is confident to target $30 million in global revenues for the next 5 years.

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The esports industry’s rapid growth is being driven by exciting innovations such as cloud gaming, virtual reality, and big data. TourGame strives to continue its mission to shape the future of eSports.

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