Unleash the true potential of SAP and D365 with Uptrix consulting

Uptrix helps businesses solve their ERP and CRM concerns while providing assistance in building strategy.

We guide businesses through the complex process of changes in strategy and technology enhancements and do this by providing them with an apt set of third-party tools for SAP and Microsoft Dynamics in order to reduce implementation costs, productivity issues, integration problems, and performance difficulties.

We deliver simple and easy to use third-party tools, services, and support for SAP customers worldwide. We believe that working with SAP systems should be easy, efficient and enjoyable.

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Our tools are designed to be embedded in to enhance and meet the unique and exacting needs of different industries such as Apparel, Banking, and Judiciary.

We already boast of a portfolio of over 3000 SAP companies worldwide and can assure you that we will change the way you view and use SAP.

Our services have improved operational excellence, managerial effectiveness, and strategic enablement.

With a complete range of futuristic and tailor-made software, services and support that help small and medium-size organizations transform, simplify and grow, Uptrix is driving innovations across a wide range of industry verticals.


Manodh Tummala – Chief Executive Officer

Manodh is responsible for the vision of the company along with Uptrix’s worldwide sales, business development, partnerships, and overall strategic planning. He has over 20 years of experience in delivering successful SAP projects, building Global Delivery teams, creating SAP Practice teams and improving quality within varying size software Services & Support organizations. With over 15 years of experience in the ERP tools space, his expertise in building customer relationships, presales, program management, and product management keeps us ahead in adding value for clients.

Anirudh Rajagopal – Chief Operating Officer

Anirudh has over 10 years of extensive experience in Solution Delivery, Project Management, Business Strategy, Program Management & B2B Marketing with over 6 years of experience in SAP consulting, tools for ERP and SAP support. His understanding of Project Scoping, Budgeting, Technical Business writing, Stakeholder Management, Designing Implementing Solutions for SAP Business Processes makes a difference to Uptrix’s worldwide operations, professional services, training, and customer support teams.

Stay tuned

We are carefully developing something pathbreaking for seamless Data Management on D365. The add-on will change the lives of data stewards with the option to automate and integrate between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other platforms.

Now, migration of your data into Microsoft Dynamics gets easier with simple drag and drop techniques making it easy to construct and monitor integrations for error-free data management.

The start user interface and option to get notified makes our add-on a clear winner.

Watch this space to learn more about what is coming up!

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