Unveiling the powering Africa Project to eradicate poverty and Co2 Footprint

In response to the current energy crisis in Africa that has seen more than 645 million Africans been unable to access electricity, African Block chain Research Council (ABRC) has rolled out plans to ensure the incessant power outage which cuts across more than 30 African countries, thus resulting in annual loss of between 5% GDP is drastically reduced.

The twin dangers of generator fumes and health related ailments resulting from environmental pollution from prolong use of generators as alternative power source has resulted in more than 300 deaths annually in most African countries. This has no doubt impacted negatively on not just the economy, but on human capacity. Insufficient capacity, poor reliability and a high cost per electricity supply in most African counties which has deprived more than 600 million Africans of constant power supply are the main reason behind Africa Blockchain Research Council (ABRC) desire to launch the “Powering Africa Project”, which will be bankrolled by Solarex ICO sale.

Solarex “Powering Africa Project” is set to create a clean, affordable and sustainable solar energy solution in Africa and beyond, to meet the huge energy demand presently on ground. The powering Africa project which will deploy both the cryptocurrency and renewable energy solution will have a measurable output which is tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain network.

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ABRC is therefore proud to announce plans for Pre-ICO token generation event , an Ethereum based blockchain token that utilizes ERC20 compliant wallets, which will be launched globally from the 15th April 2018

Africa Blockchain Research Council is a research and Development Company. ABRC is a trading name of Autorepublic ltd based in the United Kingdom and with office located in Essex. ABRC has adopted the Solarex token as a means of driving the “Powering Africa Project”

For more information about this amazing opportunity, simply visit official Solarex website: https://www.solarex.io and stand a chance of keying into the platform of the largest renewable energy provider in Africa

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