Upper Web Blockchains Announces New Platform; Part Ways With Director Chris Larceny

Upper Web Blockchains announces its new platform, www.upperweb.ma, a peer-peer network that has a pre-launch valuation of $1.28 Billion dollars. The platform will host four curated entertainment blockchains, which is built on an InterPlanetary File System, navigated in 3D space via a Unity game engine, organized as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization while integrating ERC20 token standards in a performance-based mining pool.

Upper Web Blockchains is centred around Club Crypto; a travelling strip club organized as a competitive league. Each blockchain in the Upper Web is represented by a squad of twelve exotic dancers, four bottle service girls, and a house mom who acts as a coach for their respective team. What makes things really interesting is the fact that each dancer represents a different sign on the zodiac table; as well as having each bottle service girl represent one of the four elements of the zodiac table.

Club Crypto also integrates the use of the ERC20 token. Each squad member has ICO (Initial Coin Offering) of an ERC20 token aptly named PIMP (Performance Interblockchain Mining Pool) tokens. A PIMP token represents a share in each squad members mining pool, respectively. Holders of the token receive a share of all of the tips earned during the squad members performance during their Club Crypto shift using the ESMPPS (Equalized Shared Maximum Pay Per Share) pay-out method, which equalizes fair payments among all tokens. The squad members do not keep any of their earned tips during their Club Crypto shifts. Fifty per cent of their earnings are distributed into their mining pools, and the remaining fifty per cent is held in a pile, which will be distributed and shared among the winning squad at the end of each season. This allows participants to earn dividends by purchasing and holding onto tokens of a particular Club Crypto squad member.

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The social media aspect of the Upper Web platform is called Spacebook. It has all of the functions of a social network service such as friends, followers, groups, media walls, and more. But what sets Spacebook apart from the other social media services in the world is this: video drones. When participants navigate in the Spacebook world, on any particular blockchain in the Upper Web, they’ll be greeted by a video drone. The video drone features exclusive content such as shows, vlogs, and music videos starring the Club Crypto squad members. The music videos will contain original music produced exclusively for the platform by some of the top names in Hip Hop.

One of the best features of the Upper Web is that if your Upper Web Blockchain wallet has a total value of fifty dollars or more, you’ll receive a Blockchain Key. The "key" will give you a unique username and password to many popular streaming services from Netflix, Tidal, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Sling TV, ESPN+, Dame Dash Studios, and more.

In the midst of announcing their new platform, Upper Web Blockchains has also parted ways with director Chris Fraser (Chris Larceny) and his production company, Nomadz Productions. Fraser was removed due to the misuse of funds, totalling over $75,000, and allegations of sexual misconduct. The Vice-President of Sha and Associates – the company funding the Upper Web platform, Elana Rice, made this statement:

"I have confirmed that Chris Larceny is no longer a part of the production for the Upper Web due to the misappropriation of funds, as well as the allegations of sexual misconduct. We wish Chris and the Fraser family well."

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