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Introducing a new way forward for the American Health Care system- The U.S. Consumer Healthcare advocacy group (USCHAG) is the brand with cutting-edge determination to bring a core revolutionary change in the American healthcare system. Founded in 2018, USCHAG is operated by an experienced team of professionals from interdisciplinary sectors all of them oriented to one goal – to help its members take full control of their healthcare. USCHAG intends to change the common belief that healthcare decisions made by institutions do not hold consumer best interest as their priority. The mission and vision of USCHAG are to bring ground-breaking developments in the existing healthcare system. And this can be made possible by combining their sincere determination to improve human condition powered by the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence.

American citizens invest billions of dollars each year in medicines, doctors, hospitals and new technologies all with an objective of improving the most prized possession – i.e. health. In spite of huge investments and development, health care outcomes continue to underperform in terms of the cost to the individual. The big reason for this problem is the lack of knowledge and available information about healthcare benefits and processes within the system. People tend to invest more in the services that have low value or offer little clinical benefits. It is high time for the US citizens to accept healthcare as an investment.

To date, most of the Americans are still not clear about what health insurance actually means. According to a recent survey, only 4% of the US citizens are able to define the four terms – deductible, co-pay, coinsurance and out-of-pocket maximum, all of which regulates how much they would personally pay for drugs and medical benefits they receive under the health insurance plans. To fight this ever-growing problem, using the resources of healthcare advocacy group like USCHAG can probably turn out into a fate-changing moment.

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USCHAG manages every aspect of its members’ healthcare by helping them to attain the best healthcare treatments and value within their capacity. The expert advocates of USCHAG help its members attain peace of mind by managing their Total Healthcare Framework proactively managing everything from treatment plans to surprise medical bills. The supports that USCHAG provides to its members is unparallel and keep them safe from getting influenced by false promises that random health insurance companies make to their clients. By empowering enthusiastic people with sophisticated technology, USCHAG enlightens them with knowledge and give them the authority to choose a truly proactive approach to healthcare. Their extremely skilled and dependable team provides simple and flexible approaches to manage individual’s healthcare needs by finding solutions to relieve the American consumers’ stress.

USCHAG takes the responsibility of planning a better tomorrow for their consumers by taking all the necessary steps to stay awake for the unseen future. The members are provided with the best tools and other essential information to make well-versed choices regarding their healthcare. USCHAG brings at ease every detail about healthcare system which is the right of the US citizens. One of USCHAG’s consumers from Florida said “I couldn’t believe all the things that USCHAG did for me. They managed my doctors and medical expenses, and saved me more than $600 this year.” Other examples of impactful customer testimonial are available at proving USCHAG’s commitment to their work.

For new members who are willing to share their health care responsibility with USCHAG, the brand has warmer ways to welcome. Its user-friendly member portal in their website is the access point for all their healthcare management needs. In the member portal,, active members with any one of astounding USCHAG’s support products and send the support request and upload significant documents to joining USCHAG’s community and becoming an integral part of the healthcare innovation.

For the beginners, a 15-day free trial experience is the pathway to form trust about USCHAG and what it can do for its members. One free trial is done membership is available with just $10 for per person per month. Also one-time set up is available at $39.95. USCHAG members are welcomed with utmost warmth and welcome packets are delivered within 1-5 days.

Every member receives a welcome call from a real person within 24 hours of membership sign up. Within 24 hours of membership activation, all members get access to their personalized A.I. driven membership portal. In the course of time, a member is introduced to their Sr. Advocate, who is assigned as the point person for Healthcare Support for the member. A member can always feel free to contact Sr. Advocate to with questions about the membership plans. The best part is the quick feedback from USCHAG’s side as every query is answered only within 2 hours. There are seven support leads who manage every member’s health care profile throughout their active membership. Members also
receive customized membership roadmap from the Sr. Advocate that serves as a stress-free guide for the members to make the first 30 days easier.

The newly launched HM2 health manager Membership by USCHAG offers superior healthcare which is the outcome of caring professionals and cutting-edge technology. It includes different teams each of which is assigned to perform a different set of tasks.

Whether you an individual/family or a part of a company, HM2 has a tailored product for each situation. It works in a step by step procedure run by the dedicated team of professionals. Our products consist of seven products. First is Benimax, which monitors the health insurance to make sure that there is no lapse in coverage and also assures that members are receiving the maximum benefits allowed. Next, the MedServe product consists of a team of experts who evaluate the entire treatment plan and assure whether to proceed. Members who are facing confusion with the bills need not worry because Med Saver plays the major role here. MedSaver experts get in touch with doctors and health
insurance companies to make sure the member is not led down a wrong path. Next, there are

WePharm experts who consult with your pharmacist to confirm whether the medications and cost of medications are perfect for you. Finally, for solving any legal matter, members can refer to our legal team, LegalMed who is always there to advise. USCHAG also offers small business membership through USCHAG group membership with which employees of your company can attain superior healthcare solutions. Collaborating with USCHAG not only promises a better healthcare system for its members today, but it is a new way forward for healthcare into the future.

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