USCHAG Welcomes Michael Herrick

The US Consumer Health Advocacy Group (USCHAG) is proud to announce that Michael Herrick has joined the company as Chief Technology Officer. USCHAG is disrupting the healthcare space by putting control of the American healthcare industry back in the hands of the consumer by using cutting-edge AI coupled with a caring and focused human element. Herrick brings years of experience taking startup concepts to fruition with the depth and breadth of his technical and business expertise.

He is joining a consortium of professionals assembled from all areas of the healthcare industry. Herrick, himself, has worked in the healthcare industry providing strategic risk management for healthcare, healthcare compliance, and electronic healthcare records. As CTO, he will assist with the leading-edge technology already in place to unite the myriad of components required to transform the healthcare industry into a consumer first entity.

Before joining USCHAG, Herrick founded Matterform in 1992. Matterform is a line of business applications that can be utilized by small businesses to enhance their growth through technology with business systems and logistics. He also is the CTO for Medicheck, a Guadalajara startup which has transformed Mexico’s health care system by providing electronic healthcare records. He is also the president of, a resource for health care providers that allows them to remain ahead of the curve with US Govt health compliance laws. As USCHAG’s CTO, Michael has already started building execution plans for the advanced technology that will empower the people of America with regard to their healthcare decisions.

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