Utopian.io and Fundition.io Announce Partnership to Empower The Development of Open Source Projects

Utopian.io, a provider of free crowdsourcing services to open source projects by incentivizing contributions, is proud to announce a collaboration and partnership with Fundition.io, a unique decentralized crowdfunding platform on the Steem blockchain.

Aiming to cater to the needs of independent open source projects and their developers, Utopian.io and Fundition.io offer a unique combination of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing for the development of open source innovation. With the ability to crowdfund project growth via Fundition.io and free access to a community of professionals on Utopian.io who are incentivized to contribute to innovative FOSS initiatives, the entrepreneurs and developers behind independent innovation can achieve their project goals, bringing value to the entire open source ecosystem.

To allow decentralizing crowdfunding and distribution of incentives to the open source community, both Utopian.io and Fundition.io utilize the Steem blockchain, a proof-of-stake based blockchain with high-speed transfers and zero fees. Currently traded on most major global cryptocurrency exchanges, STEEM is the main currency for the blockchain powering numerous decentralized apps like IPFS video platforms DLive and DTube, the content platforms Steemit.com and Busy.org, as well as other innovative initiatives. Many of these are supported by Utopian.io in project development through incentives and bounties to the developer community.

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“I believe this collaboration is what many open source projects are missing to get started,” says Raul Macavei, Partnership Manager at Fundition.io. “With Utopian.io incentivizing community collaboration in building the project, the funding necessary to reward the efforts of project owners and pay for the services required to kickstart development can be crowdfunded with Fundition.io on a decentralized platform. It is only natural that we collaborate for this perfect synergy of services.”

Diego Pucci, CEO and Founder of Utopian.io: “We are excited to partner with Fundition.io because, as an open source project, we know well the pains and difficulties with which independent project owners struggle daily in growing and developing their independent enterprise. It is also why we offer our services to open source projects for free, utilizing our stake on the Steem blockchain to distribute hundreds of STEEM tokens daily to contributors that bring value to the project and ecosystem. It is our hope that this collaboration will attract more projects at their initial stages, giving them additional budgets to incentivize development further, bringing value to the entire ecosystem.”

About Fundition.io

Fundition is a next generation decentralized peer-to-peer crowdfunding & collaboration platform built on the Steem blockchain. Offering a fun and unique way for people to crowdfund or participate in the funding of a project. Over the past three months, Fundition has hosted over 200 campaigns, and successfully helped fund these initiatives with over 9,000 contributions received. For additional information, visit info.

About Utopian.io

Utopian.io is a decentralized platform and service on the Steem blockchain, offering free professional services to independent open source projects and initiatives and incentivizing their development and growth. Established in 2017, Utopian.io has distributed over $1.5m in STEEM tokens to open source project, contributors and owners. Among the services currently offered for free are translation, bug hunting, copywriting, marketing and code development services. For additional information about Utopian.io, visit marketing.

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