Vestigation Announces The Launch Of Its Platform To Transform Mondern Day Investigations

Vestigation announces the launch of its new platform to transform how today’s mobile consumer can hire an investigator. Vestigation matches consumers with pre-screened investigators for a flat hourly rate with no retainer and offers a new, sleek customer experience. Vestigation also offers different tiers of service to fit any budget or challenge. With a fresh approach to customer service and technology that offers ease and discretion at your fingertips, Vestigation is disrupting a 6 billion dollar industry.

With Vestigation consumers can quickly and easily be connected with an investigator for a wide range of services and skills. Consumers can discreetly communicate with their customer service agent as well as receive evidence and details regarding their case directly from their mobile device. Features, like built in voice over IP calling and in platform encrypted messaging, will be coming to the platform adding another level of privacy.

By providing a conduit for the investigator to easily work for the consumer and for the consumer to be easily connected to service and information on their mobile device Vestigation is bringing modern convenience to investigations. Because Vestigation offers tiered hourly rates without requiring a large retainer they make it easy and affordable to get peace of mind.

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"We want to bring a higher level of honesty and service to this space. It’s hard to find service providers in this category that can provide good customer service, offer transparency, and deliver results all at the same time. High priced investigators can often charge retainers into the thousands along with high hourly rates and other alternatives often lack service and results. We think with the technology available to us today we can change that and provide an honest and affordable experience," said Avi Shane Co-Founder and CEO.

In the last five years, the private investigator industry has grown to be a 6 billion dollar a year industry and has grown rapidly in that time period. Just in the last several years, there have been hundreds of thousands of new cases. In the same time period, mobile web and app usage has grown to make up well over half of all internet traffic. For investigators, this is a new opportunity to easily reach consumers. Vestigation is perfectly positioned to help both the investigators and the consumer.

"For me our mission of helping people find the truth and get peace of mind is personal. I’ve experienced being separated from my biological parents and going through the difficulty of trying to find them. I didn’t know where to start or who to trust and with limited resources, it sometimes felt impossible. So I am very excited to be able to help others make their journey easy and convenient with Vestigation," said Sam Rosenberg Co-Founder and COO.

Vestigation is an On-Demand service connecting consumers to a pre-screened network of private investigators. Vestigation offers a unique platform and soon mobile app providing an easy and discreet customer experience. We make it easy to hire an investigator and get peace of mind anywhere on your mobile device. Vestigation is co-founded by startup veterans Avi Shane and Sam Rosenberg who have over a decade of combined startup experience.

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