vFeed IO announces the release of its Vulnerability & Threats Intelligence Professional Feed

We are extremely pleased to announce the availability of our vFeed Vulnerability & Threat Intelligence Professional Services. We took the time to do things well. Several parallel projects were conducted and achieved during the year 2017.

Therefore, we have been awarded for a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Simultaneously, we released a technology partnership program to enforce our product capabilities with top-notch security features. And finally, we went through a complete code restructuring of the main correlation engine to support vFeed IO enhancements and future improvements.

This long-term work lasted over a year and a half and it covered the development, integration and testing of the product new capabilities. Meanwhile, we upgraded our servers to maintain the existing vFeed Licensed (Consultancy & Integrator) database up to date for our current customers. The update service is delivering 2 feeds per day with an availability ratio of 100%.

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This was a magical start for vFeed IO, several customers and big companies subscribed to our services during 2017 and all contracts have been renewed current 2018. We would like to express our deep gratitude to all our customers and users.

And to continue providing the best services, vFeed IO has focused its efforts into two specific directions:

  • Develop a new professional range of vFeed services
  • Strengthen our partnerships with industry-leading technology companies and pioneer startups

New vFeed Professional Services

The vFeed core engine, rewarded by US patent, has been completely rewritten to tackle with the big data we are collecting and considering to correlate in the future. From this perspective, vFeed IO modelled 2 versions (commercial names not communicated at the moment). These professional editions contain a large dataset of information that companies may need to enrich their vulnerability and threat intelligence solutions.
Here some features of our newest vFeed Professional Services:

  • Database restructured to align with the patent claims
  • Support of version 2 and 3 of the CVSS Standard
  • Extending the support of version 2.3 of the CPE Standard
  • Support of the latest versions of MITRE standards (CAPEC, CWE …)
  • Support of 20 new sources (bug, fix, exploits, scanners, patches …) (total 50 sources and counting)
  • Deployment on the Amazon S3 platform
  • New shining Python 3.x API

Part of this continuous enhancement, we will add 2 new sources every week to our services making them the best ever.

The beginning of a long journey just started !!!!

Beta Testing Request

All requests must be sent to support using professional emails.

For our actual paid customers, we will start shipping API keys and instruction to test the vFeed Vuln & Threat Professional Services current next week.

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