VOCO Plans to Expand into the USA

VOCO Networks, an Israeli based AI group, whose technology turns existing customers into brand ambassadors, utilizing proprietary algorithms to create viral marketing campaigns for their clients, is pleased to announce its plans to expand its operations in the USA.

The company started interviewing candidates for key positions in atVOCO USA. Candidates should forward their resumes to HR.

"New-York/New Jersey continues to be a great source of diverse, world-class talents — that’s what brings VOCO here”, said Ofir Paz, Chief Executive Officer of VOCO. VOCO’s North East offices, expected to employ more than 50-70 people, who will work in teams in core operations, including marketing, advertising, and business development, the company said. Over the next decade, VOCO has plans to bring North East operations to over 1,000 people.

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This strategic move is based on the fact that Company’s leaders were drawn to the North East of the USA because of its educated population and access to capital. Its arts and culture, restaurants and bars, and reliance on public transit have brought in a massive talent pool of skilled workers who fuel innovation. Investment in local tech start-ups has also dramatically increased, according to information received by VOCO’s management, and new tech companies raised over $20+ billion in venture capital last year.

About VOCO Networks, (www.voconet.io)

The VOCO project started in 2016, aimed to solve the 100 years old marketing problem in which product Ads and promotions are often ignored by customers. VOCO solves this with a unique patent-pending solution that seamlessly engages customers and promotes products discovery via an AI-powered chat-bot and by customers and their friends. VOCO transforms the historical push Ad market into a pull client-friendly environment.

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