VOLT Oceania Announces Re-Launch of VOLT 250 series E-Bike

Today at a corporate event, VOLT Oceania formally announced plans for a future re-launch of the VOLT 250 series E-Bike, expected to hit US and European markets by early 2020. VOLT Oceania also announced the planned development of an upgraded variant, the ‘VOLT 500 series’, quoting a company spokesperson: “Massively increased power and performance through advances in the efficiency of digital controls.” A second spokesperson for the company commented on the release of the upgraded series, quoting Bill H, the director of marketing at VOLT, “We (VOLT Oceania) expect the 500 series to be released alongside its twin,” in a referral to the 250 series, which has already sold out in Australia. Current owners are joining the global waiting list to immediately upgrade to the latest release.

“We anticipate record sales in the US and European markets, with a larger consumer base and increasingly widespread adaptation of ebike commuting,” said Bill Huang, director of marketing at VOLT Oceania.

VOLT 250 series E-Bike Availability

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VOLT 250 series E-Bike an upgraded variant of its massively successful predecessor, the VOLT Mate. The new flagship lineup is spearheading VOLT Oceania’s first venture into overseas markets. VOLT 250 series E-Bike will be made available to purchase in late November 2019 in a partnership with US crowdfunding giant Indiegogo. “We’re beyond pleased to have the support of Indiegogo in our first venture overseas.” Said Bill Huang, the company’s director of marketing. The global waiting list for the widely anticipated electric bike has surpassed into the thousands.

Founded in only 2018, VOLT Oceania has grown to be a widely recognized e-bike brand in Australia, offering retail and B2B solutions to customers from every major city in Australia.

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