“What Movie Should I Watch?” Raters App – Social Network for Movie Lovers

Raters is a social network app for movie lovers where you can discover great films based on reviews from your friends and other people whose movie taste you trust.

Currently, the company is crowdfunding in order to extend the platform to Android, add new functionality to the app, and engage various film industry players into the project.

Raters (www.ratersapp.com) allows you to see what movies your friends have watched recently, how they rated it and what they think about it. Besides, you can like and comment on their reviews, facilitating further discussion, which may lead you to your new favorite movie.

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In Raters, you can find info on Genre, Synopsis, Director, Cast, and even ratings across platforms for any movie. However, the core difference between Raters from traditional movie platforms (IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes) is its focus on the social aspect and interaction between movie enthusiasts.

The app is now live on the App Store (www.ratersapp.com/download), and in order to extend it to Android (so there are more movie-loving friends for you to follow) and add new functions, the company has launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo platform (https://igg.me/at/ratersapp). Apart from improving user experience, the founders are planning to engage British Film Institute (BFI) and various filmmakers and independent studios into the project to help to develop the movie industry.

In return for their support, crowdfunding backers get movie-related 2019 calendars, customized movie T-shirts, minimalist posters, movie recommendations, and can even join the Raters team as advisors. The campaign runs until end-August, so make sure you claim your rewards in time.

Company Boiler Plate

Raters Group Ltd. is a UK-based company founded by Tural Gurbanov, Rasim Aliyev, and Teymur Baghirli. The company’s goal is to create a global community of movie lovers where they can easily find movies and recommend them to each other. Besides, it aims to help promote diverse films and their studios and directors and to connect them with audiences which would appreciate their films. More information about the company along with images can be found at www.ratersapp.com/presskit.

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