WhatsVid App Brings In a Host of Alternatives for Exciting Social Media Statuses

Facebook transformed social media and social connectivity a decade back, but with advent of mobile connectivity, WhatsApp comes across as a must for anyone who intends to stay socially connected over his phone.

WhatsApp helps one define one’s social identity. One of the ways of going about with the same is to set one’s status. By setting the status, one can express one’s ideas with one’s loved ones, or create an image of oneself that one would want to share with the world.

We often find that people spend a long time trying to figure out a cool status for them on WhatsApp. They may appreciate and admire the status that their friends are maintaining, or may even browse through an alternative website which gives them a list of cool WhatsApp statuses.

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At times, one may figure out that his friend has a cool status on WhatsApp, but one may feel awkward asking his friend to share the same photograph or video, such that one could then himself set that up as his WhatsApp status.

For anyone who is fond of setting and resetting WhatsApp statuses, the WhatsVid App can come across to be very handy. When one uses the WhatsVid App, one gets to see the statuses that his contacts have set for themselves on WhatsApp without logging on to their profiles.

WhatsVid App gives one a list which has the WhatsApp statuses of all of one’s contacts. Just by clicking on any of the items on the list, one can download the selections. One can then save the selections if one intends to keep them. WhatsVid App also allows one to delete any of the downloaded statuses, if one intends to do away with them. One could share these statuses on one’s WhatsApp profile, or set any of these as a status on other social media channels such as FaceBook, Twitter, Gmail or Instagram.

A very significant advantage of using the WhatsVid App is that this is a user friendly app and the usage is easy to learn and implement. With the WhatsVid App, one no longer needs to bother opening WhatsApp for checking out one’s contacts’ statuses. The WhatsVid App does the trick for one.

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