Why RUPESO, an upcoming crypto wallet created a buzz in International market

Recently a Singapore based Cryptocurrency Company Cifertron announced its new Cryptocurrency wallet named RUPESO. Company’s marketing manager Ashwani told that the wallet will be launched in the mid of December. While talking about its features the company’s spokesperson revealed it would be the first decentralized wallet as many other wallets in the market claimed to be decentralized but actually they use third party exchange services.

In addition, this wallet will use In-platform swap feature which will make it completely decentralized platform to send, receive and swap cryptocurrencies. The company claimed that they will charge the lowest network fee and 1% commission on the exchange, which would be minimum from all wallets available in the market.

Further to discussion about its design and functionality company crafted it with the beautiful and simple user interface. From live cryptocurrency price graph to fiat value it has everything that should be present in the ideal Bitcoin wallet.

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This wallet will support all major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum and stellar. To make the wallet more secure company enabled the 2-factor authentication in its functionality along with app lock with pin and fingerprints. In the first release, the wallet will be launched for Android and iOS devices in the Middle East countries. Company has planned to extend their business globally in upcoming years like United States, United Kingdom and many more sub-regions.

Now the company already launched the beta version of its wallet which can be accessible by submitting the form on their website.

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