With New Executive Order in Healthcare, USCHAG will now be able to provide Consumers a One Stop Shop

On Monday, June 24, 2019 – President Trump signed a new Executive Order will change the American Healthcare system as we know it, by making the pricing of healthcare transparent. He opens the press conference by saying this order is going to “Dramatically increase quality, affordable and fairness to our healthcare system…to put American patients first”.

The mission of USCHAG (United States Consumer Healthcare Advocacy Group), is to put healthcare back in control of the American consumer, and they have been doing so via deep learning artificial intelligence combined with compassionate humans to decrease healthcare expense and provide true advocacy which allows the consumer to gain control over their healthcare. This transparency order will allow the advocates working for USCHAG to quickly compare rates, offer real-time analysis and even book travel if necessary.

This is the first time ever, that this information will be available to the American consumer, completely clear and transparent. This order will require hospitals to publish prices of “what people actually pay for services”…“More price transparency will mean more competition, and the cost of healthcare will go way, way down.”Vanderbilt Economist, Dr Larry Van Horn, studied the impact of hidden prices for years, especially in the healthcare market, regarding American consumers. From his analysis, he says: “When cash prices are transparent, upfront, in the market, on average, they’re 39 per cent cheaper than the amounts that third-party payers pay for like services.” This giant step forward in the American Healthcare system is just the beginning.

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With this new Executive Order, combined with the technology, compassion, and intelligence of USCHAG, the American healthcare system is undergoing drastic change in the best way possible, by eliminating power from the bureaucrats, insurance companies, and special interests. USCHAG is at the forefront of this change, and now with the Federal Government aligned, USCHAG will be able to aggregate the information in a way that further enhances the power of the American Consumer.

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