Wooqer and Sirqul Forge Partnership to improve In-store Customer Experience

Wooqer and Sirqul announced a strategic partnership in late August, 2019 to digitally transform the retail in-store experience through smart, connected data-driven experiences. The alliance will focus on leveraging Wooqer’s Retail Platform and Sirqul’s IoT Engagement-as-a-Service (EaaS) Platform with patented location-aware smart devices to drive in-store revenue.

Sirqul’s precise location data and Wooqer’s Retail Application will significantly enhance brick and mortar store experiences by providing never seen before in-store foot traffic intelligence, customer journey mapping, and closed-loop ROI reporting.

Store Intelligence from Sirqul’s IoT EaaS Platform is integrated with Wooqer’s Retail Application to create a ‘closed loop’ approach for in-store execution. The newly combined, “Connected Store Solution” will bring valuable, actionable AI and ML data to retail managers for data-driven decisions based on in-store consumer traffic patterns, behaviors, and purchase decisions.

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Sirqul’s technology anonymously monitors guests in-store with future-proof IoT technology that does not require a mobile app or costly cameras. Merging the precise location of people with items and employees will now enable retailers to deliver personalized, engaging experiences and alter behaviors to increase in-store ROI.

“This combined solution delivers valuable store insights in real-time to engage customers and increase store performance with continual optimization,” said Malini Raj, Director – Global Alliances at Wooqer. Wooqer’s ability to integrate with POS systems and other enterprise applications can now be extended into machine centric in-store customer data insights.

“Partnering with Wooqer as a leader in Retail Business Application allows us to expand our global offering and enter new markets like India,” said Robert Frederick, CEO and Founder, Sirqul. “Together we will leverage the power that is Sirqul and Wooqer to give customers a full circle solution to drive their in-store marketing, sales and operational strategies.”

Sirqul Inc. (www.sirqul.com) provides an Engagement-as-a-Service IoT Platform with Smart Mesh network technology to drive engagement, operational efficiency rapid innovation and new revenue streams. At the foundation of Sirqul’s platform are 80+ Services, 400 APIs, 3 distinct IoT hardware product offerings, and over 30 customizable native application templates for rapid deployment on a building block approach. Sirqul is – device, protocol and cloud agnostic – fostering an interoperable system for building future-proof solutions for retail, auto, cities, buildings, industrial, entertainment, and more.

Wooqer (www.wooqer.com) offers a retail business application for in-store execution. Business centric processes like Visual Merchandise Management, Training and Development, Store Visit Summaries, Customer Experience, SOP Implementation and Store 360 are readily delivered on the platform. Wooqer enables businesses of all sizes to drive exceptional store performance and enhance customer experience.

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