World’s 1st 6-coils design wireless charger with OPSO MFi-Certified Apple Watch charger

The latest 3-in-1 6-coils Wireless Charging Mat by SliceCharge Pro is equipped with an improved multi-coil charger technology that enables users to place their apple device anywhere on the charging mat for a full-length wireless charging.

While the world still awaited the launch of Apple’s AirPower, Hard Cider Labs took over the market with its first product SliceCharge last year which enabled users to charge 3 Apple devices simultaneously. And now the company is back with a much-improved pro version that has retained all its original prototype’s best features while improving the charging mat for anywhere charging.

While the appearance of the SliceCharge Pro has been kept very similar to the previous model with a similarly flat, fabric-covered oval shape, its ends have been flattened more than the last time, to address the user complains of difficulties in laying some watches flat on its back. The product is said to be MFi certified and measures a little over 9 inches by 3 inches by half inches.

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The all-new SliceCharge Pro has six coils- one in the Apple Watch charging puck for the watch and five overlapping ones in the main section of the mat, that provides a total power of 30W, with a maximum of 10W for each device in order to speed up the charging process. This product compares favourably to other wireless charging coils and dual chargers in the markets that either won’t charge the Apple Watch or only charge iPhone and a watch when they are kept in a fixed position. It also comes with a peer brick, a USB-C cable and a fabric top and non-slip plastic bottom hide an Aluminum chassis as before.

As one of the reviewers from 9to5Mac noted, “I’ve been using the charger for a few days, and it has worked flawlessly. I’ve positioned my iPhone X in as many different positions and angles as I can come up with, and so long as it’s mostly on the mat, it charges perfectly. I mean, there are positions where it won’t charge – like half on and half off – but I had to actively try for these. You can casually place your phone anywhere, and it charges. This is certainly the closest thing that I could find to Airpower which seems to be launching for an eternity!”

Their product demo video on ProductHunt prompted one user to write, “I would often use my Mac as my charging hub when travelling. It has enough power to charge all my devices. Then, I decided to test this with the SliceCharge Pro. Does the mat get enough power from the MBP to charge both my iPhone and Watch simultaneously? The good news is the answer is yes. So this, to me, makes a really nice travel option. I can just slip the mat itself, minus the power brick, into my carry-on bag!”

While the company plans to retail SliceCharge Pro for $129, the Kickstarter Early Bird price is kept at $69 only. The delivery is scheduled for May currently.

Interested consumers can back the new SliceCharge Pro on Kickstarter at to qualify for the early bird pricing offer.

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