“Xeroing” In On A Hassle-Free Conversion Process From Xero To Quickbooks

Both Xero and QuickBooks Online are equally strong accounting platforms. “Although they equally measure up in many areas, QuickBooks Online comes in a clear winner when it comes to invoicing, project management, and lending,” John Rocha, Technical Services Manager said.

E-tech is a leading QuickBooks data repair and conversion service provider. “Xero used to be the clear winner because every feature was accessible on every plan. Now, Xero limits advanced features to the most expansive plans just like QuickBooks. QuickBooks Online offers much better invoicing with multiple templates to choose from, as well as built-in packing slips. Xero only has one invoice template and you have to download and import a packing slip template into the software,” Rocha added.

In addition, accounting experts are of the belief that QuickBooks offers to lend which makes it a better solution for small businesses looking for the whole feature package.

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With regard to pricing, experts feel QuickBooks Online is the more affordable option for small businesses. Xero’s smallest plan only gives customers five invoices and 20 transactions, which renders this plan useless to many small business owners. QuickBooks Online offers four pricing plans ranging from $20 per month “which gives you a bigger bang for your buck,” Rocha said.

Through a professional conversion process, migrating content from a Xero Online data file to QuickBooks Enterprise, Pro, Premier, Accountant, or QuickBooks Online has never been easier. E-tech’s conversion process includes a full transaction history conversion from Xero Online to QuickBooks, conversion of Payroll data as Journal Entries, trial balance and aging reports reconciled to the source data file, as well as all Xero Online lists including Customers, Vendors, Employee, and Other Names.

For more information on the conversion process, visit: https://e-tech.ca/Xero-to-Quickbooks.aspx

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