Young entrepreneur owning his future in the IT industry

Kashmir in India, located in the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges. Known for beautiful landscapes but also their unemployment rates and troubled areas.

With a population of 12.55 million, people’s standard of living can be described as tough. In the area, jobs don’t come around often, which gives the younger generation not a lot of hope for a future.
However, in an area of poverty, some youths are using technology as a source of income.

Irfan Shafi is 28 years old and to ensure he has a bright future he has started a small IT hub to create himself an opportunity in the tough conditions of Kashmir.

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One of his products includes, an internet-based startup that connects business organisations to users who are looking for the right domain name. The Domainglo platform introduces a website name generator that generates a wide range of catchy domain names that fit a company’s motives as well as offer good visibility on the internet.

"Growing up I have learnt in order to make opportunities happen you need to go out and chase them yourself. As the younger generation living in Kashmir, I want to create a future for myself and also show my community that it is possible to make a life for yourself with hard work and dedication. Starting my own business for myself allows me to take control of my future," said the owner of Domainglo, Irfan Shafi.

A domain name generator uses letters and keywords to come up with a website domain name that is catchy and stands above the rest, giving your startup or blog better SEO and a better chance of getting noticed.

"If you are starting up a business and want to use an online platform, you need a domain. It gives you an online identity, making you easier to find and it explains to your potential customers what you have to offer them. With Domainglo we take the guesswork out of creating a memorable domain," said Irfan.

Domainglo is an easy to use platform where users only need a single keyword to generate a list of available domain names which are unique, short and catchy.

"The algorithm of the site uses various techniques to smartly modify the keyword to create combinations or rhymes to generate new domain names that help build a brand. Users can get the domain name that best fit their businesses, or otherwise continues to refine the search and create a truly creative domain name. Creating the right domain name is critical for every business to ensure the website is recognisable,” said Irfan.

Irfan is building his future and creating an income for himself in a region experiencing hardship. His hard work and dedication is leading the way for his generation, showing anyone that opportunities come to those who are driven enough to make it for themselves.

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