Youtuber & Former Assistant to Casey Neistat, Jack Coyne, Reveals Plans After Leaving CNN

Over the Thread Podcast Talks With Jack Coyne About Past, Present and Future Endeavors Since Leaving CNN’s, Beme

Up and coming podcast, Over the Thread, meets with Jack Coyne, former Community Manager and Producer at multimedia company, Beme, about his philosophy on failure, what’s next since being laid off from CNN, and how he became a full-time YouTuber.

Over the Thread, a podcast based out of San Diego, California, is where graphic designers and founders, Taylor Gildea and Mary Michael, use a video conferencing tool, Discord, to engage in inspiring conversations with innovators, freethinkers, and creatives about things that matter to their growing fan base of avid subscribers.

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In Episode 6 of Over the Thread titled, “Risk Taking/How to Become a Full-Time YouTuber,” Gildea and guest host, Bailey Stanfield, dig deep to find out how YouTuber, Jack Coyne, is making his comeback since being laid off after Beme merged with CNN Digital Studios earlier this year. Coyne explains how the experience changed his perspectives on success and failure, and how it fuels him.

Gildea and Stanfield ask about his progress since shifting his community of followers from Beme to his refreshed YouTube channel. Coyne reveals his travel plans and hopes to document and share it to his growing number of 200K subscribers as he takes on new philosophies about living in the moment, and allowing his YouTube channel to lead him to new friends and experiences around the world.

"If you care about it, make it happen,” Coyne says when discussing creative ambitions. “There’s no better way to learn than to just make stuff, and starting up my YouTube channel earlier this year is my first step. The one thing I’ve learned on this crazy journey since starting as an intern eight years ago for Casey Neistat’s tech company, Beme, is: go where the opportunity comes. Just do it.”

Gildea and Stanfield divulge their excitement for Coyne’s journey and how inspired they are by his ability to form connections with other filmmakers online, and how he not only created a new career out of it, but also consistently adds adventure to it.

Over the Thread wants to have more thought-provoking conversations with other creative pioneers and invites you to reach out to become a guest on their podcast that airs every Wednesday. If you’re interested in being a guest please email [email protected].

Over the Thread

The Over the Thread podcast was founded by graphic designers Taylor Gildea and Mary Michael who met while attending Baylor University. The designers also founded creative community, LettusDraw. Both endeavors take on their want to cultivate a community of creators and discuss things that inspire, push the boundaries of creativity, challenge people to have an open mind, and also help people become better humans. New episodes every Wednesday on Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Pocket Cast, and Overcast.

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