Z-SYSTEMS Announces Strategic Partnership With The Straumann Group Z-SYSTEMS AG Z SYSTEM

Z-SYSTEMS, a Swiss-based international leader in ceramic dental implants technology has entered into a strategic partnership with the global leader in implant dentistry: the Straumann Group.

▪ Z-SYSTEMS and Straumann join forces to offer the broadest range of ceramic implants

▪ Z-SYSTEMS grants Straumann exclusive distribution rights for Z-Systems’ next generation implant line, the first metal- and plastic-free screw-retained two-piece ceramic implant system

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▪ Combined expertise, portfolio, brand and marketing strength in addition to global reach position the two companies as a leading force in ceramic implants

▪ Straumann Group obtains a 34% stake in return for loans and a capital injection to support Z-SYSTEMS’ development pipeline and production expansion

Z-SYSTEMS has joined forces with the Straumann group, a Swiss-based global leader in tooth replacement and orthodontic solutions. The two companies have signed an agreement that provides Straumann with a 34% stake in Z-Systems in return for a capital injection to expand Z-SYSTEMS’ production capability and to develop its pipeline. Z-SYSTEMS has granted Straumann exclusive distribution rights in most major markets for Z-SYSTEMS’ next generation implant line. The new implant has a bone-level two-piece design for prosthetic flexibility and convenient handling. Unlike other implants, it features a ceramic connection screw, making it the first two-piece screw-retained dental implant to be completely metal- and plastic-free. Straumann plans to launch the new line in 2019.

Ernst Thomke, Member of the Board of Directors, commented: “We are very proud to partner with the worldwide leader in restorative dentistry.”

Marco Gadola, Chief Executive Officer of the Straumann Group, commented: “We are convinced that ceramic implants offer substantial growth opportunities and will continue to gain popularity, driven by increasing clinical experience and the improved flexibility provided by two-piece solutions. Together with Z-SYSTEMS, we offer the widest range of ceramic implant options supported by digital workflows and biomaterial solutions. The combination of our expertise, research capabilities, sales power, and global reach position us a leading force in the global ceramic implant market”.

Z-SYSTEMS’ new two-piece ceramic implant features a ceramic connection screw, making it the first two-piece dental implant to be completely metal- and plastic-free

About ceramic implants:

Ceramics have a significant esthetic advantage over metals and provide an excellent biocompatible solution for patients who ask for highly esthetic alternatives to metal. Furthermore, yttria-stabilized zirconia ceramics possess good mechanical strength (i), excellent tissue compatibility and show osseointegration comparable to that of titanium (ii). A further advantage is the reduced formation of plaque (iii). In the past, mechanical predictability presented a hurdle to their widespread use, but Z-SYSTEMS and Straumann overcame this by developing materials, designs and advanced manufacturing processes. In recent years, other companies have launched ceramic implants, but few offer the same level of experience, choice, flexibility, and clinical documentation as the two partners. Although ceramic implants currently represent a niche market, their popularity is growing.


Z-SYSTEMS is a leading company in ceramic dental implant technology. Based in Switzerland the company is specialized in developing, manufacturing and distributing ceramic dental implants made from Zirconium Oxide. The implants are distributed worldwide. Since its foundation in 2004, tens of thousands of Z-SYSTEMS implants have been placed successfully worldwide, underscoring the company’s reputation for pioneering leadership, technical expertise, product quality and continual refinement. Its proprietary Zirkolith® process and SLM® surface technology, which are used in all Z-SYSTEMS’ implants, were introduced in 2009 and today are backed by a wealth of long-term clinical evidence. Z-SYSTEMS was the first company to obtain FDA approval for a two-piece ceramic implant and has now developed the first two-piece bone-level dental implant that is100% ceramic. Headquartered in Oensingen, Switzerland, Z-SYSTEMS AG is owned by Metalor Dental Holding AG and the Straumann Group and employs a team of approximately 25 people.

About Straumann Group:

The Straumann Group (SIX: STMN) is a global leader in tooth replacement and orthodontic solutions that restore smiles and confidence. It unites global and international brands that stand for excellence, innovation and quality in replacement, corrective and digital dentistry, including Straumann, Neodent, Medentika, ClearCorrect, Dental Wings, and other fully/partly owned companies and partners. In collaboration with leading clinics, institutes and universities, the Group researches, develops, manufactures and supplies dental implants, instruments, CADCAM prosthetics, biomaterials and digital solutions for use in tooth replacement and restoration or to prevent tooth loss. Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, the Group currently employs approx. 5700 people worldwide and its products, solutions, and services are available in more than 100 countries through a broad network of distribution subsidiaries and partners.

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