Zenfosys acquires Binder – A Professional Photo-Book Startup

In a deal, Zenfosys IT Services based in New Delhi, has acquired Binder and added it to its portfolio. Binder, a brand developed by Shubhojit Chatterjee, a Doon School alumnus, seeks to be an avant-garde service in India for photographers and visual art professionals who want to publish their portfolios and books in hardbound form. Shubhojit, who also leads a publishing company commented "the idea came to me from my own life experience, where several photographers want to publish their book but are either reluctant to learn complex software to design the book or are unable to find a professional place to have it printed and bound. Binder’s simple yet powerful editor at binder.co.in enables people to easily do both, while also letting users choose paper and binding types, and ultimately produce book-store-quality coffee table books from their designs."

Binder also plans to become a marketplace for young publishers to sell their art books online. "The photo-book publishing market in India, including the wedding segment, is worth $200 Million and we want to cater quality, commitment based services that at this time are non-existent in the country" – claims the entrepreneur. The company is actively seeking seed funds in order to make key hires at its Delhi-based headquarters and grow its platform.

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