Zooblin Launches ICO for Revolutionary Blockchain eCommerce Platform

Zooblin, a company registered in Estonia, is entering the ICO market by offering the blockchain-based e-commerce platform with profit share, cashback, low commission and donation models. By issuing ZBN digital tokens, Zooblin empowers e-commerce buyers and sellers with cashbacks, profit sharing and the opportunity to donate a portion of their shopping indulgence to charity while building a trustworthy ecosystem with payments fulfilled via blockchain-secured escrows.

Zooblin promises to solve the arbitrary problems that e-commerce industry is facing on a daily basis, such as market monopoly by a handful of market-dominating companies, like Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay, who generate more than 100 billion dollars in revenue. On average, these IT giantscharge 15 to 20% of the retailprice for each product sold on their websites by third-party sellers while these merchants have to spend much on marketing their own products on these platforms. The market also experiencesperpetual fraud crimes of fake deliveries and scams committed especially by sellers from China and South East Asian countries.

Zooblin wants both buyers and sellers to benefit from a lower commission. Theyaim to design a relatively lower commission fee model, about 10% fee with no additional fee to thesellers while giving cashbacks to customers on each purchase. Cashback feature makes retail prices on Zooblin more competitive. Social sharing and viral marketing is one of the key features that they aim to employ to assist sellers to promote their online goods. Buyers of products are incentive to spread their words about their online shopping experience via Zooblin’s“donate-n-share” feature.

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A blockchain ecosystem thrives on its inherent ability to benefit every party in its cryptocurrency economy. Another exciting feature that Zooblin offers is profit share where token holders earn distributed profit, similar to dividend. The driving force behind Zooblin is its Zoo Network blockchain system, a so-called enormous blockchain network that fuels an array of digital tokens from variety of ICO related companies. Zoo Network Token allows cryptocurrency owners to convert between different ICO tokens to Zoo Network Token and back with market-floating conversion rates. In fact, Zoo Network Token determines the value of all the other tokens on Zoo Network. Zoo Network Token is not a fiat currency but performs close to fiat currency to stabilize the price of each token under its umbrella. The Zoo Network Token is tradable and convertible to Ethereum.

Zooblin is designed and structured by three co-founders, Scarlett Ha (CEO), David Kang (COO) and Vladimir Mun (CFO) with backgrounds in startupacceleration. With its operating hub in South Korea, Zooblin is a simple and proven technology hence we can expect no delays or difficulties of development of the technology for the online market after a successful fundraising.

Zooblin startedthe pre-sale of its crowdsale by issuing ZBN tokens from June 1st, 2018.

All investments can be performed via their official website: http://www.zooblin.io

About Zooblin

Zooblin, registered in Estonia, is a blockchain-based e-commerce platform with profit share, cashback, low commission, and donation.

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