Zuryc Merges with Impact Technologies to Create Complete IT Experience 

Zuryc, a business technology provider, today announced its merger with Impact Technologies Group (Impact) in a transaction that unites the two organizations under the Zuryc name. The expanded company eliminates the burden of traditional technology obstacles, delivering an experience focused on security, scalability, and speed.  

Formerly a traditional managed services provider (MSP), Zuryc specialized in cloud, security, and hardware services for businesses. Impact, an independent software vendor (ISV), brings custom and ready-made software solutions, as well as a team of IT industry veterans to Zuryc’s dynamic suite of capabilities. The merger creates a technology partner that empowers organizations to work smarter by deploying custom business and technology solutions that accelerate workflow processes. 

“Impact is the perfect complement to fulfill our vision for the future,” said Henry Doss, Zuryc’s CEO. “We can now fully anticipate tomorrow’s needs today, greatly reducing the time our clients typically allocate to tech-related updates, troubleshooting, and extended learning curves."  

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Howard Keziah, Zuryc’s chief strategy officer and Impact founder and CEO for 38 years, said: "Our tailored solutions are designed to evolve with our customers’ business goals, and to avoid disruptions associated with product obsolescence.”  

The merged companies provide a full suite of technology-driven business solutions, positioning Zuryc as a working partner for the ever-evolving technology needs of businesses. 

“What is most exciting about this transaction is our increased ability to help our business clients stay ahead of the technology curve,” said Cyrus Hurley, Zuryc’s president. “The pace of technology change is dizzying, and we have built the resources and talent to help our clients stay current, as well as anticipating changes before they impact a business.” 

To learn more, visit Zuryc at https://zuryc.com/ and follow insights from the team on LinkedIn.  

About Zuryc Inc.  

Zuryc is a partner to its clients, solving business problems with technology solutions. By eliminating the burden of traditional IT obstacles, Zuryc’s seasoned professionals deliver an experience focused on security, scalability, and speed. With a keen ability to anticipate tomorrow’s needs today, Zuryc pairs customers with technology that evolves as business goals change, and that anticipates and avoids obsolescence. Zuryc leverages over three decades of experience in the information technology industry, with service areas including security and cyber defense; IT as a Service (ITaaS); cloud technology; business technology; and hardware. Stay informed about Zuryc’s services and insights at https://zuryc.com/ and on LinkedIn. 

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