Zynoviq AI Lead Generation Bots – API Service

ZYNOVIQ is Research Lab and Scientific Company focusing on Artificial Intelligence solutions. We help our clients towards innovation by enabling the machines to think or act like a human. Zynoviq Lead Generation Chatbots is an Artificial Intelligence messaging system that communicates like Human Conversation and answers business-related information to Visitors on Websites/ Social Media Pages to generate sales leads, focusing on Small and Medium Business.

We provide Chatbot API Services to B2B ( Customers like Web Hosting, Web Development, Service Provider companies), where they provide Chatbot service to their customers with their brand name. End Customers can implement this service in a Minute time and no technical knowledge required to implement this solution In Micro, Small types of business they may or may not have Customer service helpdesk. And in medium types of business, they have fewer customer representatives and huge budgets spend on these resources as salaries.“AI Lead Generation Conversational chatbot” can replace Customer Representatives as helpdesk and reduce the huge Cost spend on those resources in Small & Medium type of Business and this AI Chatbot will improve customer experience.
There are a wide variety of Products available in Software markets who provide chatbot solutions, only Large Enterprises Companies can afford the cost to implement chatbot solutions

AI Lead Generation conversational chatbots still are not affordable for small and Medium types of business, but if they want to implement Chatbot Solutions, then they should have to• Invest money on Huge Infrastructure cost• spend on Implementation cost• spent time on harvesting to implement the solutions

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Industrial Trends predicts that by 2020, 80% of enterprises want to use chatbots for their business, which shows there is a big demand for chatbot solutions for most of the business to reduce huge Cost spend on Customer Representative roles and optimize the helpdesk capabilities.

We provide Lead Generation chatbots API Service to B2B Customers and they will collect their Own Subscription charges from their Customers.

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