3D Camera Market Growth Analysis By Size, Share, News, Demand, Opportunity During 2020

The 3D Camera Market – Global Market Share, Trends, Analysis and Forecasts, 2020-2030 provides insights on key developments, sales network, business strategies, research & development activities, major production and consumption, supply chain analysis, competitive landscape, and market composition analysis.

Robotics, Virtual and Augmented reality, Robotics, and Video Surveillance are analyzed to be the prime attributes contributing towards the growth of 3D camera market in foreseeable future

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Smartphones, Augmented & Virtual Reality are the core elements supplementing the growth of global 3D camera market

Consumption of smartphones and tablet devices has increased drastically during the last decade. Advanced functionality and portability have resulted in smartphones being the one-stop solution for all the basic needs of a large volume of population. The penetration of smartphones has increased significantly during the last couple of years with approximately 90% in the U.S. and an average of 65% in Asian countries. These figures are anticipated to grow further in the coming years fueled by the decrease fin price of smartphones and tablet computers. The primary focus of consumers in selecting a smartphone has been the camera setup integrated into these devices. This has actively contributed to the growth of the 3D camera market across the globe. Another industry vertical contributing to the growth of the 3D camera market is analyzed to be the constantly flourishing augmented and virtual reality. AR & VR has emerged as a convenient tool for professional and entertainment applications. Moreover, the adoption of 3D cameras in film technology for sensing depth and distance to record directly in real 3D is anticipated to further contribute towards the growth of the 3D camera market during the forecast period.

Time-of-Flight and Stereo Vision technologies to drive the growth of the 3D camera market across the Globe

The 3D camera market is segmented based on interface type, technology, product type, application, product applications, end-use industry, and geography. Based on interface type, the global 3D camera market is segmented into GigE, & Camera link. Based on technology, the market is segmented into Stereo Vision, Time-of-flight (TOF), Structured Light, and Laser Profiling. The stereo vision 3D cameras contributed a prominent share to the market due to increasing demand from the movie-making industry and are anticipated to grow at a significant rate during the forecast period. Time-of-Flight 3D cameras are anticipated to be the fastest-growing segment during the forecast period owing to rising penetration in industrial, automotive and healthcare applications.

Security Surveillance, Robotics and Machine Vision to dominate the market demand

Based on application, the market is segmented into parts verification, surface scanning, security and surveillance, robotic guidance, machine vision, general measurement, and others. Robotics and Machine Vision are anticipated to be the rapidly growing applications of the 3D cameras during the forecast period. In Machine Vision, the 3D cameras are used to inspect and identify the defects in components after manufacturing and thus is a critical component in an optimal industrial automation system. Robotics has witnessed aggressive research and development and has emerged as a most advanced and sophisticated application. The integration of 3D cameras in robotics improves the vision of the robotic devices deployed across industrial and commercial applications and is anticipated to be the growth supplement for the 3D camera market during the next forecast decade. The Asia Pacific contributed a major share to the 3D camera market in 2018 and is anticipated to exhibit a growth of 18% during the forecast period owing to burgeoning demand from smartphone and automotive manufacturing industries and the strong presence of manufacturers of the 3D camera across the region. Growth in Europe and North America is primarily attributed to the rapidly growing robotics and defense applications.

Major players dominating the global market include Canon Inc., Eastman Kodak Company, FARO Technologies, Inc., Fujifilm Corporation, GoPro Inc., LG Electronics, Nikon Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, SAMSUNG, and Sony Corporation.

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