Call Design Australia Accelerates Growth Through New Partnership with Datagamz

Call Design, an international workforce optimization solutions company, has today announced a strategic partnership with Datagamz, a gamification solutions provider in the contact centre industry that provides invaluable data insights and games that enhance an employees’ ability to perform at the highest level, tapping into their motivations to reward good performance.

Call Design’s expertise in optimizing the workforce has seen them press into the space of gamification as part of this new partnership with Datagamz, a platform designed to entrench and reward good performance among contact centres employees.

“At Datagamz we believe that every individual is the source of their own meaning,” said Datagamz CEO Adam Spence. “Tapping into this is the key to engaging employees who are motivated to improve their performance. While some people thrive on competition and want to be the best, others may just want to be better than they were yesterday, or see their contributions measured and be recognized, individually or as a team.”

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By expanding the company partnership program through its new relationship with Datagamz, Call Design has made an incremental pivot into cementing itself as the end-to-end contact centre provider of workforce optimization solutions. In synergy with Datagamz, Call Design will catapult its capabilities in data analytics and behavioral psychology technologies that deep-dive in agent engagement through interactive games.

“We’ve cultivated a process that includes our combined experience and are able to truly enhance engagement of contact centre agents,” said Brett Redman, Director, Call Design. “We have a consultative approach combined with market-leading technologies to ensure the right people are in the right place with the right skills at the right time to provide your customers with optimal service and performance.”

Via a series of electronic games where agents can earn points, hit targets, level-up, and rank on leaderboards, Datagamz will provide companies with key insights on improving their optimization and workflow. Among many factors, Datagamz increases ROI, engagement and productivity.

“We have entered a new era in employee engagement, where new rules are dictating the way we operate as businesses,” said Redman.

“Focused on employee engagement, companies are now able to give a better customer experience than ever before. Data has been instrumental in achieving this, and now with such technologies as gamification, we are able to heighten the experience and leverage data to create unique training and development programs on a one-to-one basis.

This has never been achieved before in contact centres, the customer-facing platform for most global organizations.

“What we are embarking on with our partnership with Datagamz is truly ground-breaking in terms of holistic employee engagement and modification.”

Call Design brings the best technologies, metrics and bespoke resources to clients in the Asia-Pacific region to ensure employee alignment is centred around business goals keeping operational excellence a priority and achieving optimal productivity. Through its channel partnership and expansion with Datagamz, Call Design will ensure agent engagement skyrockets and that employees are recognized for their performance, and nurtured through disengagement.

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About Call Design

Call Design is a well-recognized expert in workforce optimization solutions for contact centres in Australia, United States, Europe and Asia. Offering both on-site and in-the-cloud solutions, Call Design has a robust offering of innovative solutions that optimize the workforce. Combining best-in-class technologies with an experienced team of consultants to offer businesses personalized workforce optimization solutions, Call Design empowers your employees, engages customers, and automates everyday work processes with seamless implementation aimed at enhancing efficiencies at every level of an organization.


Datagamz is a platform and service provider that creates enhanced performance, engagement and the optimization of efficiency through metrics and key insights gained through gamification. To radically improve agent engagement and stimulate the productivity of contact centres, Datagamz discovers innovative and meaningful ways to interact with agents.

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