50% of Global MNOs Actively Formulating 5G Network Monetisation Strategies

According to the latest 5G market research report by SCG, almost half of global mobile network operators are actively working on 5G. The 5G report finds that more than 300 operators in 100 countries have launched with limited availability, deployed, demonstrated, are testing or trialling, or have been licensed to conduct field trials of mobile 5G or 5G FWA.

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In its report, titled, “World 5G Network Planning, Adoption, Deployment, & Monetisation Strategies 2019-2025”, SCG projects that more than 70% of operators worldwide will be facing capacity issues in at least 40% sites by 2022. That’s the reason the advancements in 5G are happening at a much faster pace than predicted.

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56 operators in 32 countries have announced the deployment of 5G within their live network. 39 operators have announced 3GPP 5G service launches (or limited service launches). In particular, operators from the United States, China, South Korea, Japan, UAE, Switzerland, Italy, and the UK are actively working towards 5G commercialization.

Operators are currently focusing on just introducing 5G to consumers rather than actual 5G use cases, except a few operators from the Korean market. In addition to 5G applications, operators are also taking soft approach to 5G pricing. Initial 5G pricing by operators lack serious thinking, they are pricing/ selling 5G just like 4G.

Verizon Wireless is highly bullish on its 5G business revolving around content in initial years. China has planned to deploy a wide-scale commercial 5G network by 2020. In fact, China has made 5G a key pillar of its overall industrial strategy, including Made in China 2025 and its 13th Five-Year Plan. Alongside, China is aggressively pushing itself to take technological leadership in 5G.

As the transition to 5G has already started in a few markets, MNOs, as well as industries and governments worldwide, are evaluating and planning to seize the opportunity. The worldwide network capital expenditure is projected to double from 2020 to 2025 driven by 5G deployments. The huge deployment cost of 5G is forcing operators to consider network sharing model which can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 30%.

Telcos are following different roadmaps for 5G deployment based on market need and their strategies. Commercial 5G network will be deployed in at least 50 markets in 2019 and in more than 145 markets by 2020.

Read more at http://www.sanjyconsultinggroup.com/resources/telecom/world-5g-network-planning-adoption-deployment-monetisation-strategies-2019-2025/

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