Millionaire Forex Trader Offers A.I. Software Programs to His Students

Hassan Mahmoud may look like your typical businessman, but you would never guess that this 26-year-old is a master forex trader and investor. While 90% of forex traders lose money because of impulsive or emotional trading decisions, Hassan remains part of the 10% who trade with patience. However, he is considerably more successful than other traders in this 10% margin. Why? Two words… Artificial Intelligence.

Hassan doesn’t pretend to be the most patient person in the world. If you’re trading foreign currency and you see the value of your investment going down, it is very easy to go into panic mode and sell quickly to prevent any more losses. This is where the most common trading mistake is made. The currency rates are always fluctuating, so it is very easy for a loss in value to reverse itself and become a gain in value.

As for artificial intelligence, Hassan uses A.I. software programs to assist him with this forex trading practices. These are algorithmic proprietary software titles which are programmed to scan the forex marketplace. That way, you don’t have to manually sit down in front of your computer and stare at the exchange rates on your screen for hours each day.

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Not only is the market information provided by the A.I. software, but it also educates, learns and gives signals about the market as well. In other words, you don’t need to do technical analysis or implement some formula of your own to figure out which currency is a good one to trade. Instead, the software will make its own calculations based on the formulas which are preprogrammed into it.

Best of all, the A.I. handles the technical analysis for you too. This is truly an asset for any trader because it eliminates emotional trading in response to a changing market. The A.I. of these software programs does not have any fear, social pressure, drowsiness, or impatience. As a result, the risk of human trading mistakes is eliminated. The software programs will trade when it is the best time for you to come out ahead.

Hassan is not just using these software tools for himself anymore. Over the past year, Hassan has put together an elite training program for anyone interested in profiting from the forex marketplace. Hassan’s program, CEED, teaches people the four basic steps to becoming a forex expert: connect, empower, elevate, and develop.

Each week, students are treated to a lecture by a transformational expert. These professional guests may include teachers, coaches, business owners, and entrepreneurs who’ve made over seven figures in their businesses. More importantly, students will be able to access the A.I. software tools for successful trading in the forex marketplace. All their emotionally driven trading days can finally come to an end.

To become a member of the CEED program, Hassan charges people $169 per month after an initial $269 startup fee is paid. This is actually much cheaper than what other gurus of the forex industry are charging their students. Some of the biggest priced programs cost $5,000, $10,000, and even $20,000. But for Hassan’s program, you can start trading like him within a month at a cost that is the equivalent of a car payment. You can connect with Hassan and follow him on his mission at

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