A STEAMtastic change in India’s education system!

Whilst a large part of the nation is busy deliberating the political nuances, the argumentative opposition and the wait for better days, a quiet revolution is brewing in the education sector. Yes, the sector that impacts the majority and is the fountainhead of the future leaders; often described as the harbinger of growth and also easily the most ridiculed, for its flawed focus, an outdated curriculum and a British hangover is slowly turning over a new leaf.

And it’s STEAMtastic!

STEAM, an acronym for Science, technology, engineering, arts and maths is a teaching methodology that fosters creativity and innovation in students. Rather than separate the above-mentioned disciplines, it integrates them into real-world problem solving and relevant learning experiences for students.

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And this is being positioned to the fore by India STEM Alliance, a members body constituted to undertake research in STEM pedagogy, design frameworks and curate a certified databank of solutions suited to the Indian context.

Aman Bandvi, co-founder of India STEM Alliance, who leads policy opines, ‘India was never away from STEAM as we know it today; our legacy has been based on Vedic Gurukul systems that focused on all-round development, integration of martial sciences, arts, astronomy and maths in unique ways; today its tech-oriented and has novel interventions; and with the new age mediums like smart classes, well equipped labs and access to information, its got a bigger better-stylized definition more acceptable to the current demands. And its working and it is here to stay’.

Raj Kapoor, also a co-Founder at India STEAM Alliance, shares that STEM education is more than simply teaching; it is about engaging. STEM encourages students to foster creativity, problem-solve, analyze, participate in teams, and practice critical thinking and effective communication. These 21st-century skills will help students excel as a part of the future workforce and in their everyday lives. Mr Kapoor stressed the fact that STEAM will highly impact the job-readiness of students and influence nation building.

Harmeet Singh who leads solutions, says that off-late parents have started putting pressure on schools to initiate STEAM initiatives. And the solutions range from setting up STEAM labs that may include drone labs, robotics labs, Internet of things, design labs or maybe workshops that include coding for primary students, canSATs, telescope making or even surveillance workshops. And he has also got queries to bring in globally recognized STEAM events like Formula 1, Lego League to Indian shores.

And this is just the beginning. India STEM Alliance in the recent months has seen school students design responsive dust-bins, responsive walking sticks for the visually challenged, undertake and accomplish hydro rocket projects, design canSATs, assemble drones, program assembled robots and design all-weather gardens!

The alliance has taken the lead in creating frameworks and advises schools on best practices, consults them on STEAM strategies, curates solutions and project manages to ensure measurable learning outcomes have been achieved.

The alliance projects that STEAM education shall propel the country into the league of developed nations.

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