Global Innovation and High-Quality Development 2018 ZGC Forum Held in Beijing

On November 2 to 3, the 2018 Zhongguancun Forum (ZGC Forum) was held in Beijing. The forum was hosted by Zhongguancun Development Group(ZGC Group) and Shengjing Group and was supported by Torch High Technology Industry Development Center, Zhongguancun Science Park Administrative Committee, the Haidian Government, and the International Association of Science Parks. The theme of the event was“Global Innovation and High-quality Development”. The 2018 ZGC Forum included world-renowned scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors from 13 countries and regions including China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Israel. The participants shared their experiences in technology innovation and presented their ideas on global collaboration in innovation as a means to reshape economic structures and lead to high-quality development.

Founded in 2007, the annual ZGC Forum has emerged as an influential high-profile international forum in global science and technology innovation. Placing emphasis on key technology hubs around the world, the forum focuses on creating an international exchange and cooperation platform.

Three Highlights:

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Distinguished Guests and Global Vision

During the main forum, keynote speeches were delivered Mr. Stefan W. Hell, winner of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry and Director of the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry; Jun Lei, Chairman of Xiaomi Technology; Sir Peter Bonfield CBE, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and Chairman of NXP Semiconductors N.V.; Yigong Shi, Fellow of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Foreign Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, and President of the Westlake University;Bill Ruh, Senior Vice President and CEO of GE Digital; Peretz Lavie, President of The Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology; and Yike Guo, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences, and Director of the Data Science Institute at Imperial College London. Other well-known participants included scientists such as Xiaoliang Xie, Yang Shao, Bo Xing, entrepreneurs including Chuanzhi Liu, Xiaolan Wang, Daqing Mao, Chang Shu, as well as representatives from well-known venture capital firms such as Feng Deng, the founding partner of Northern Light Venture Capital, and Avi Hasson, partner in Israeli venture capital firm Emerge Capital and the former Chief Scientist of Israel.

Exciting Discussions on Academia and Innovation

The event included 1 main forum, 1 closing forum, and 5 parallel sub-forums. The theme of the closing forum was “30 years of China Science and Technology Parks and Innovative Cities for the Future”. Sub-forums included the “2018 Shengjing Global Innovation Awards Ceremony”, “Industrial Internet Innovation Forum”, “Artificial Intelligence and Innovative Living – Zhongguancun and World Entrepreneurs Dialogue”, “Global Innovation and Talent Strategy”, “Innovative Cooperation & Intellectual Property Operations”, and “Innovation Driven Supply-Side Reform”. Each forum revolved around the connection between collaboration and innovation. Audience members were given unique insights into different areas of innovation from a variety of leading experts from different cultures and backgrounds.

The Release of the 2018 Zhongguancun Index

The well respected“Zhongguancun Index” was also released during the 2018 ZGC Forum. The index is praised as the "barometer" of the development of China’s high-tech industrial park system. The “Zhongguancun Index” project is led by Hong Zhao, the Vice President of the Beijing Academy of Social Sciences and the President of the Zhongguancun Innovation and Development Research Institute. The index is compiled by a collaboration between the Zhongguancun Innovation and Development Research Institute and Beijing Fangdi Economic Development Research Institute. To continuously reflect new emerging trends in the development of innovation in Zhongguancun, the“Zhongguancun Index” is revised every year.

The 2018 ZGC Forum was organized by the Zhongguancun Entrepreneur Advisory Committee, the Council of Industry and Technology Alliances in Z-park, the Center for China & Globalization, China Academy of New Supply-side Economics, and the Future Forum. As strategic partners, the Bank of Beijing and Zhongguancun IC Park also provided strong support for the forum.


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