acQuire introduces GIM Suite 4.1 for smarter, streamlined geoscientific data

GIM Suite 4.1 introduces a new mobile app, called acQuire Arena, designed to streamline field data capture. The software release adds mobile to the powerful desktop and web capabilities already contained in acQuire’s geoscientific information management solution.

The app makes it easy for field workers, geologists and exploration professionals to capture samples and field observations on simple, user-friendly forms and instantly validate their data at the point of capture. Available for both Apple and Android smartphones, it makes GIM Suite’s data capture capabilities smarter and more streamlined.

The acQuire Arena app is purpose-built for GIM Suite, with full integration to ensure users are rapidly and efficiently capturing quality data from the field back into the central database.

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“Data can be synchronised from the field to the GIM Suite database with the tap of a finger and this ensures all your teams are working from a single source of truth,” explains Alison Atkins, CEO of acQuire.

“Making smarter decisions in shorter time frames is key to the mining industry and we want to ensure our customers can update, access and use their data, wherever they are, as seamlessly as possible.”

The mobile app can be used in areas of minimal connectivity, with validation rules applied at the point of capture, so teams are capturing and managing their data correctly from the start. This ensures acQuire’s customers retain high confidence in their data being synchronised from the field.

The modern, UX designed mobile interface with simple, user-friendly forms makes it a breeze for field teams to start capturing data on the app with little to no training.

Alison Atkins shares, “We’ve even taken advantage of in-built smartphone technologies for barcode scanning and location tracking.

“We hope this lightens the load for field workers and also reduces costs involved with maintaining multiple field devices.”

The GIM Suite 4.1 release is a significant milestone in acQuire’s technology roadmap. With the addition of mobile to GIM Suite, customers will start to benefit more and more from functionality being added to the web and mobile applications in the future.

Alison Atkins says, “GIM Suite 4.1 builds on our commitment to provide market-leading software to the mining industry.

“We recommend customers download the mobile app and upgrade to GIM Suite 4.1 as soon as possible to maximise their benefits from the latest technology.”

acQuire provides geoscience data management software and services for the global mining industry with five offices worldwide and customer support centres operating in each major time zone.

To learn more about GIM Suite 4.1, watch our release highlights video or head to our website.

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