Acuity releases enterprise-wide quantitative cyber security risk management

Acuity Risk Management has released version 5.4 of its award-winning GRC software platform, STREAM Integrated Risk Manager.

This latest edition seamlessly integrates enterprise-wide quantitative cyber risk assessment with STREAM’s comprehensive risk management capabilities. Unlike other solutions which rely on plug-in quantitative risk calculators, STREAM quantitative risk assessment is an integral part of the user experience operating either in place of, or alongside qualitative risk assessments.

Quantitative risk assessments are aggregated quickly across different levels of the organization using Monte-Carlo analysis, helping business leaders to understand their financial exposure from cyber risks compared to their tolerance.

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What-if analysis allows CISOs and Risk Managers to model the effect on financial exposure of adding new cyber security controls, providing valuable information to support investment appraisals of cyber security purchases.

Through integration with STREAM’s core risk management capabilities, the platform allows actions to address non-compliances, incidents, audit-findings, vulnerabilities and other events to be prioritized in financial risk terms.

Acuity Partner, Simon Marvell says, "We are particularly excited to be presenting such a unique enterprise-wide quantitative cyber risk management solution, at a time when the escalating levels of cyber risk are causing business leaders to ask hard questions on their potential financial loss exposure.

London-based Acuity has customers in 28 countries and its STREAM platform was Continuity, Insurance and Risk magazine’s Cyber Security Product of the Year for 2018, with the judges commenting that "STREAM captures, links and correlates all of the complex relationships that exist in cyber risk management and presents results in business terms via a simple and intuitive user interface".

Please contact Acuity for further information or to request a demonstration or trial.

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