AHT Bringing Affordable, Nationally-recognized Esthetics Program to Greenville in 2019-20

Academy of Hair Technology (AHT) is expanding its esthetics program to Greenville for the 2019-20 academic year. This announcement will greatly benefit Greenville residents with an interest in a career as an esthetician as AHT has been recognized for their high-quality curriculum while simultaneously maintaining affordable tuition rates. This solidifies AHT as the leading provider of cosmetology and esthetics programs throughout South Carolina, enhanced by the program’s accreditation with the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences (NACCAS).

Esthetics is an increasingly popular career choice due to continually innovating technologies and growing job opportunities. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that esthetician jobs will increase by 14% over the next ten years, a rate described as “faster than average.” The demand for preparation in the field has led AHT to add an ambitious esthetics curriculum to their existing specialties in cosmetology and nails.

AHT excels in terms of its quality of instruction, providing multi-faceted training with state of the art techniques. As a result, AHT students regularly excel in national competitions. The esthetics program provides teaching in a specialized wing with content areas in skincare, facials, body wraps, extensions, makeup, and micro-dermabrasion. This dedication to quality education has yielded AHT being named as South Carolina’s preeminent by EstheticianEdu.

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In addition to high calibre training, students will benefit from AHT’s extensive commitment to affordability. At a total price of $6,400 which includes the requisite kit and supplies as well as tuition, AHT offers training at a price 29% lower than the state average, ultimately saving students over $2,500. With a total of 600 clock hours, even the evening program can be completed in as little as seven months. AHT also provides a flexible schedule, allowing students to attain their esthetics education in a manner that aligns with existing responsibilities.

"The Academy of Hair strives to offer the best in education at reasonable prices to avoid our students from getting in a lot of debt. We are often amazed how much our competitors have increased their tuition over the last few years even though inflationary costs have not been that high. We are pleased that NACCAS has taken a position to support our efforts in this regard," said Jim King, President, Academy of Hair Technology.

Before selecting an esthetician program, it is recommended that students conduct thorough research. There are a number of specific factors that should be considered including the following:

  • Accreditation
  • The variety of courses within the curriculum
  • Graduation, placement, and licensure rates
  • The amount of hands-on training provided as part of the education
  • Level of mentorship and support from faculty throughout and after the program

AHT has a reputation for exceling in all of these areas. The esthetics program meets and exceeds all curricular requirements. It also provides students with a wide array of opportunities to practice techniques. This commitment to active learning allows students to grow in confidence and creates graduates that have historically excelled in their initial professional placements. The quality of AHT’s program is further revealed in a licensure rate of over 98%.

The training area is a further highlight for AHT students. It provides separate esthetics rooms that have spa-like atmospheres with the goal of closely replicating the professional environment for optimal instruction. Students have access to sinks, large steamers, towel warmers, and a private shower. The school also features a larger room customized for instruction in body treatments. Overall, AHT’s esthetics program provides Greenville residents with an exciting and innovative career opportunity with world-class training at a fraction of the traditional cost.

About Academy of Hair Technology (AHT)

Academy of Hair Technology is the leading beauty school in Greenville, SC and is distinguished by its excellent services and continuing education programs. It offers programs in cosmetology, esthetics, and nails. Further information can be found at https://www.estheticianedu.org/lowest-priced-naccas-accredited-esthetics-programs-by-state-for-2019-20/.

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