HideMyTraffic.com Launches New VPN Review Site

HideMyTraffic.com, an online resource on the Virtual Private Network (VPN) industry, has just launched its new website with updated Virtual Private Network (VPN) service reviews and easy single-chart comparison reports.

HideMyTraffic.com is a one-stop destination for all information on VPN service providers and online security information needs. Their database features many top VPN services including popular free service providers such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, Windscribe, and more.

Why the Focus on VPNs?

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In the age of digital, data has become the new oil. From the increasing number and size of data breaches each year, it has become obvious that online privacy is under siege. No longer can netizens assumer privacy merely if they do not release personal information.

“Cybersecurity threats today have gone beyond the capabilities of ordinary Internet Security products to contain. Online privacy is under siege both from cybercriminals and corporates and VPN services offer consumers an effective way to stay anonymous online,” say site owners.

VPN service providers offer consumers a way to increase their online privacy and security. They do so with a combination of network protocols and encryption, supported by global networks of secure servers.

How HideMyTraffic.com Helps Consumers

With the hundreds of VPN service providers online today, finding the right one can be a challenge. VPN services can cost as much as over a hundred dollars per subscription. HideMyTraffic.com puts service providers to the test to help consumers make better buying decisions.

Information on the site is presented in three main knowledge areas covering VPN Reviews, VPN Comparisons, and Online Security and Privacy updates. All information is based on first-hand information and experience. HideMyTraffic.com aims to make its review process as honest and transparent as possible to present trustworthy assessments.

The newly launched website features updated service provider descriptions and details, with comprehensive technical assessment test information. VPN services are run through two-week extended review periods. Consumers now have an easy way to see if the VPN service they are considering spending money on can offer real-world performance that matches their marketing claims.

HideMyTraffic.com is privately funded and does not charge visitors any subscription fees. The site is also ad-free and does not accept payments from service providers for their rankings.

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